My name is David and I am addicted to caffeine.  
For almost three months I was caffeine free as detailed in — Cutting Caffeine and Going Grains — but that is no more.  I am weak for the bean.  I like the kick in the head.  I appreciate the aroma of roasted goodness.  Yesterday, I bought the Krups KM7000 Grind-and-Brew as my white flag of defeat.  I had no idea a burr grinder could bring me so much immediate pleasure.

My caffeine-free life started off a delight.  I was drinking my Pero grain drink and feeling fine. 

Then, against my will — and with my unwitting knowledge — I was pulled back inside caffeine’s jittery glory.

It started with Ito En’s fantastic Oi Ocha green tea.  I did some research on green tea and I discovered that its caffeine content was “negligible” and that having an Ito En or two wouldn’t be a problem for my caffeine-free living.

Boy, was I wrong!

Oi Ocha is irresistible. 

It is cool and delicious and it makes you immediately feel good.  Was it the caffeine in the green tea that made me feel better?  Or was it the natural antioxidant catetchin that gave me such a warm glow?

As I check the Ito En website right now, I see this is now listed for Oi Ocha — the red lettering is a direct copy from the website:

Caffeine Content: Approximately 60 mgs per 16.9 fl oz bottle.

I don’t remember reading about the Oi Ocha caffeine content when I didn’t check the website before I started drinking the green tea.

Hmm… I realize now that’s sort of a lot of caffeine when you’re living “caffeine-free” while drinking six bottles of the irresistible Oi Ocha a day for the past two weeks.

I discovered my re-addiction to caffeine when I ran out of Oi Ocha and started getting that terrible, awful, base-of-the-skull headache that always accompanies classic caffeine withdrawal — except I didn’t think I was going into withdrawal again.  I just thought I was dealing with a stress headache because I was out of Oi Ocha.

A week later, I was back to my normal caffeine-free life and it was then I realized I had been re-addicted to caffeine by my careless, but always loving, swallowing of Oi Ocha all day long.

Two days after feeling better, and calmer, and less irritated, I realized it was impossible for me to live a caffeine-free life because I loved Oi Ocha too much and I liked getting 20 things done in a day instead of five — even though I enjoyed the extra napping and reduced heartbeat no caffeine provided. 

It was then I ordered my new Krups KM7000 Grind-and-Brew and put in an order with my beans dealer:  “A couple of five-pound bags of Jeremiah’s Organic 100% Arabica Ethiopian, please!”

Here I am — pathetic and duplicitous and caffeine re-addicted again in less than 24 hours — don’t cry for me Ito En — and all the while feeling snappy happy and in love with life once again.  

Krups brews an amazing cup of coffee and Jeremiah’s is even better than I remember.


  1. I did a lot of research, Gordon! It came down to a choice between two affordable options: Burr grinder or thermal carafe? I chose the embedded burr grinder over the carafe mainly because I drink my coffee fast and I don’t want to save it all day long. I can always make another pot. The burr grinder does, indeed, make a huge difference in taste and “aromicity.”

  2. Just saw the price – a lot cheaper than I thought! I may be getting it sooner than later!

  3. Hi Gordon!
    Yes, the price was around $120.00 on Amazon. I’ve seen other sites selling the Krups machine for $145, so it pays to shop around.
    I was using a “Melitta Mill and Brew” for several years that I bought for $30 before I dumped it for my new caffeine-free lifestyle.
    The taste differential between the Krups and the Melitta is 100% better on the side of the Krups.

  4. Ha! David, join the club (back)! I will feel slightly less guilty for consuming 5 large cups a day!

  5. SLURP!
    Thanks! It’s good to be back, Nicola! I’m limiting myself to coffee only in the morning for now to ease my way back. I used to have some after lunch and at night!
    It’s funny that Krups defines a “cup” as 5 ounces. So a 10 “cup” pot is a measly 50 ounces of the black gold! No wonder they invented a 12-cup brew station: People weren’t getting enough to drink!

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