Green Tea's Dirty Little Secret

Green Tea has a dirty little secret — and nothing can be done about it — and that secret is that real, hardcore, proper, unadulterated green tea has, what Janna calls, a “muskiness” that translates into meaning raw, pure-brewed, strong green tea… smells like urine.



I said it.

My favorite drink in the whole world smells — and probably tastes like — uric ammonia, and yet I still can’t swallow enough of the stuff throughout the day to keep me satisfied and quenched because green tea, in it’s organic state, is hardy, pure, musky, magical and powerful and I need its healing warmth in my body every single day.

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Why I Hate Starbucks: The Evergreen Trenta Iced Green Tea, No Water, Light Ice Saga

Starbucks are supposed to be the “third place” — after home and work — where you go to relax and enjoy your life.  Starbucks also sells their service as the place where you can make really specific drink orders and have them fulfilled with glee and not hostile resentment.

Today, I am going to share with you my ongoing and miserable experience with a particular Starbucks store in Midtown Manhattan that just plain out refuses to correctly make my drinks order — even though they’re the ones who taught me precisely how to order my drink!

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The Art and Science of a Sencha Shot

I have previously confessed in the public square that I have an Ito En green tea addiction.  Today, I am pleased to also confess, I am now addicted to Ito En’s most delicious green tea yet:  The Sencha Shot!

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Addicted to Caffeine

My name is David and I am addicted to caffeine.  
For almost three months I was caffeine free as detailed in — Cutting Caffeine and Going Grains — but that is no more.  I am weak for the bean.  I like the kick in the head.  I appreciate the aroma of roasted goodness.  Yesterday, I bought the Krups KM7000 Grind-and-Brew as my white flag of defeat.  I had no idea a burr grinder could bring me so much immediate pleasure.

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