I have previously confessed in the public square that I have an Ito En green tea addiction.  Today, I am pleased to also confess, I am now addicted to Ito En’s most delicious green tea yet:  The Sencha Shot!

The great thing about a Sencha Shot is not that it’s 6.4 FL OZ of heavenly manna sealed in a tiny steel can — I’ll give you a dollar if you can crush together the sides of an empty Sencha Shot can with one hand — the great thing is that in each Sencha Shot I get a massive 152MG of Catechin antioxidants.  That means my heart is healthy and protected from nasty free radicals that want to damage my tender cells.

If you sometimes suffer from acid reflux — drink a Sencha Shot or two or three during the day and one right before you go to bed at night — and see if that shot cures the uncomfortable burning in a day or two.

A Sencha Shot is a condensed shot of goodness in a can.  Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., recommends a Sencha Shot on the back of the can, and he donates all the royalties he earns from the sales of this magnificent tea to the Weil Foundation.

A Sencha Shot is Art:  It makes you feel good.

A Sencha Shot is Science:  It makes you feel good.

A Sencha Shot is the Definition of a Scientific Aesthetic:  We make you feel good!


  1. my friend and business partner swears by these. I used to buy them for him all the time when I lived in Seattle. Great review! *wonders if they are kosher for passover* 🙂 *prepares to leave online world for record 73+ hours 🙂

  2. Love it! I see on the Ito En website there’s a new “Oolong Shot” in a tiny blue can available! Must. Have. Now!!!
    Amazon does not have in stock…
    I don’t see a Kosher badge on the can, Gordon, but maybe I’m missing something…

  3. It’s one of those things I keep forgetting to ask the rabbis about. Sometimes things are OK without certification. Have a good rest of your week, wonderful readers of Scientific Aesthetic!

  4. The only ingredients in the can, Gordon are: Purified water, green tea and ascorbic acid.
    Have a wonderful holiday — we will miss you!

  5. It sounds awesome but I don’t know why I am not fond of any kind tea… 🙁

  6. It’s mostly tea David, preparation varies from region to region though!

  7. My history of coffee drinking goes back to college hostel David, I was never a tea drinker…

  8. I LOVE the sensha shot as an afternoon essential. it lifts the afternoon sleepies with increased focus and energy. i get it at Fred Meyer grocery store in the organic section.

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