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The Gay Archipelago

My younger and smarter friend and fellow Nebraskan Tom Boellstorff has a new book, The Gay Archipelago: Sexuality and Nation in Indonesia, and it is published by Princeton University Press. Tom is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at The University of California, Irvine.

Tom Boellstorff Image

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Sacramento Bound

If you are reading this then WordPress is correctly “auto-publishing” this post without me as I am currently sailing high above you in the air on my way to Sacramento, California to meet with the delightful Jeff Tanji, M.D. and his fine Sports Medicine staff.

Sacramento, California Sunset

If you are not reading this, then I am still in the air but the post did not make it out of WordPress.

La Jolla, California (May 1999)

by Bob McCulloch

Descending the hills into the seacoast town of La Jolla, California, you are at once taken by the variety of trees (eucalyptus, pine, palm) and plant life (cacti, mustard flower, ferns, pink and green ground cover) adorning the hillsides. The road winds its way past diverse networks of homes, many of which appear at first unassuming but with the views of the Pacific Ocean increase their value immensely. Being more accustomed to Eastern beaches such as NH, NY, MD, etc., I was amazed at the panoramic views I could see past the houses. I had no idea, however, just what lay ahead.

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