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Killing Cancer with Vegetables

I have long felt that the real cure for cancer would not come in the form of a pill or chemotherapy treatment but grow straight out of the ground. As a person who has long tried to avoid conventional medicine so-called cures that are really just bandages that sooth us while the immune systems of our bodies are hard at work actually fighting illness, I have just known that it would be just a matter of time before it was discovered that a good diet would go a long way to even fight the dreaded C word — cancer.

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How to Die from Cancer

We all know our days are numbered.  We try to live as best and as right as we can until the instant arrives when we are no longer relatively alive.  Is it better to die without foreknowledge?  Or is it best to have time to put your affairs in order, say your good-byes, and wait for death to take your hand?

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Elizabeth's Last Breath: Ten Sentence Story #105

And so Elizabeth knew the gargoyles had leapt from the top of the Cathedral and come down to earth to take her back into their dark realm because she could smell the wet earth wiggling between their toes.

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Celebrity Infantilization of Cancer

When celebrities get involved with charity causes, be prepared to buy something after having it shilled to you — but have we sunk so low with the celebrity cause that we are now considered children in need of Pied Piping into the River for the drowning of our national sorrows?  You can’t throw a rock in the air today without it coming down and hitting an advertisement on a Viacom network — like MTV and VH1 — and not be smashed in the face with celebrity pleadings for “”

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What Roger Ebert Speaks to Our Students

As we search for examples of triumph over the human condition for our students to emulate, we are sometimes led into the stale pages of literature and the dusky hallways of history for keen reminders of teachable moments. Roger Ebert — one of our current premier, and popular, movie critics — has been fighting cancer for eight years.  At 67, and after multiple surgeries and reconstructions, Roger is left with no jawbone, thyroid or salivary glands.  I submit the notion that all our students should be made aware of Roger’s ongoing fight against a foe that continues to aim to kill him and his repeated refusal to give in to the inevitable ending of us all.

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It Stops with Me

At my favorite deli — where I get my fix for homemade beans and rice — one of the female workers always tells me the latest woes of her life as she scoops the beans over piles of rice.  I love listening to her stories because, even though they are filled with horrors and heartache, she relays the truth of her station with such strength and magnificence that you cannot help but be drawn into her plight and root
for her.

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Bra Colors Bring No Cure for Cancer

You are sitting with a female friend, enjoying a cup of tea and talking about the musical styling of Duffy and the peculiar nature of coated guitar strings and how people could come to use them over normal cutting edge strings. Your friend then tells you that she wants to tell you something very important and stands up, walks around the table, and sidles up next to you.

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