Relaunching Boles Dot Com as a Preservation Portal and Restoration Reserve

Since uploading over 500 videos to Vimeo PRO — I’ve been thinking about content and production and restoration and preservation of all the things I’ve worked on over the arc of a lifetime — and I decided now was the time to start digitizing the mountains of paper and film and video and audiotapes that engulf the small gully of my world.

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Coming a Long Way from Slumber Party Barbie

When I was a child I actually wanted to have a Ken and Barbie doll set. I liked the idea of dressing them up and playing with them. It was not to be, however, as it was determined that boys are not meant to play with Barbie dolls — particularly the boy named Gordon Davidescu of Princeton Junction, New Jersey.

I did not get a single Barbie doll for my entire childhood and lost interest in them in my adolescence and only regained a little interest in the Barbie doll line a couple of years ago when Mattel (the company that makes Barbie) ran an online contest to determine who would be their next “I can Be” Barbie selection.

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The Problem with George Clooney

The problem with George Clooney is he’s too pretty and too successful.  Beauty
and money are poison to the body in situ when they live in a single
person because they purchase overconfidence and a false sense of

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The Life of a Writer

In a concerted effort to “give back” what has been provided to me by writers who have come before me, I have made myself available as a writing mentor for several universities and organizations. I believe you pay back as you go, not when your career is over. The following questions and answers are from student writers who found me via the Columbia University Center for Career Services Alumni Resource Network.

Q: What do you think I need to know to make an intelligent decision about writing for a living?

BOLES: The first thing to realize that the life of a writer, be it one of a playwright, author, freelancer or screenwriter is governed by instability and unpredictability when you begin. Starting out in the writing business means that one month you might make $12,000 in royalties and then the next six months you earn nothing. It’s the nature of the beast. I’m lucky that I have a lovely and loving wife who understood the caste of a creative writer when we first got married. It was her steady income early on that freed me to write. We considered her paycheck our “daily bread” while my waning and waxing riches were the butter we sometimes spread across our crumbs. Writing is a Calling and its cures and curses are not unlike those who serve The Cloth of God. Read my Go Inside article, Greater Goodness, for the details on that comparison. The key for me is writing — it doesn’t matter how, when or what as long as I can do it to experience the world.

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