Hillary in the Moon

I subscribe to a cartoon syndicate, and every morning a bunch of great drawings land in my Inbox.  I have a few traditional cartoons, but most of the work that arrives is of political cartoons from across the world.  This morning, I was struck by this political cartoon from Kerry Waghorn, a real master combining the essence of a person with their mission on earth.  The image is Hillary Clinton’s face in the moon and three elephants sleeping on the ground below her.  One elephants longingly looks up at her.

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Seth MacFarlane Ruins the Flintstones

Sad news fell this week that “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane was about to take his potty-mouth humor and emboss it into a reincarnation of the classic cartoon series, “The Flintstones.”

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Obambi as Curious George

Which is the better way to diminish a man:  Having his wife publicly castrate him, or repeatedly comparing him to cartoon animals in print and on t-shirts?

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Drawing the Week

Beyond the dreadful Alito hearings, the week was a laugh riot: America was reconfigured in the guise of an elephant; Tom Delay was Ding Donged; Ye Olde Boys Club proves why none of these Supreme Court appointments matter in the power structure of Washington and that’s why the Senators go limp against going strong for a confrontation and, finally; When Ted Met Arlen was good for some dramatic entertainment and tension release from the circus that has become Washington politicking:

 The New America

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