Beyond the dreadful Alito hearings, the week was a laugh riot: America was reconfigured in the guise of an elephant; Tom Delay was Ding Donged; Ye Olde Boys Club proves why none of these Supreme Court appointments matter in the power structure of Washington and that’s why the Senators go limp against going strong for a confrontation and, finally; When Ted Met Arlen was good for some dramatic entertainment and tension release from the circus that has become Washington politicking:

 The New America

Tom Delay is Gone
Why Alito Doesn't Matter
When Ted met Arlen


  1. Yes, that’s right but a way out is to dig in with cartoons like these. They make a truthful point that hurts but it doesn’t seem to hurt so bad if you’re laughing.

  2. Carson was the best at national ribbing. The national news anchors used to also have power in reforming government but that all changed in deregulation and the rise of the FCC’s ability to control broadcasting’s bottom line with more and more behavioral restrictions.

  3. I’m new here. The drawings are great. We need more open thinking and communication.

  4. I’ll be back here for sure. I like to have a conversation where even if people don’t agree they aren’t going to kill each other. Cartoons like this make it easier to get along.

  5. I’m sort of from everywhere. I drive a truck. Long hauls. I see the whole country out my window. Right now I’m nearing Missouri.

  6. The lack of correct use of grammar and spelling always peeves me too – by profession, I’m a trained secretary and I like to see a well written (and laid out article) so some of these newer blogs you mention turn me right off too. In fact, after reading the first line I’m ready to switch to another blog. Give me a well written (and correctly spelt) article anytime!
    By the way, I don’t post every day, but do post to my family blog and my business blog regularly during the week.
    My post here is linked to my business blog, the family one is

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