The Redlining Headstone

Are you familiar with the term “redlining?”  It’s a dangerous concept because it leads to worker apathy and a lack of motivation in the workplace.  Redlining is a stone in the union arsenal.  A headstone.

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The World Was Built on the Back of Labor

Our world was built on the backs of laborers who toiled in the fields and created buildings that dared to touch the sky.

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Why Do Unions Murder Their Young?

When we do not understand the cause in our human lives, we can look to the Animal Kingdom for clues, insight and an explanation of human nature in the driving, evolutionary, animalistic and ruthless behavior, that is evident in the preservation of the individual being in purpose and want. 

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Is the Confederate Flag a Racist Semiotic?

Last night’s Democrat debate in Orangeburg, South Carolina revealed another weak stab against the Racism that still bleeds in the Deep South — and in urban cores across America — when Senator Barack Obama confirmed, when asked, that the Confederate Flag belonged in a museum and not flying above state buildings.

I ask you: Is the Confederate Flag a symbol of Racism in America, or is it merely a historical artifact that honors the struggle between being and bondage? This Confederate Battle Flag — owned by Confederate General JEB Stuart — recently sold at auction for $956,000.00 USD:

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Drawing the Week

Beyond the dreadful Alito hearings, the week was a laugh riot: America was reconfigured in the guise of an elephant; Tom Delay was Ding Donged; Ye Olde Boys Club proves why none of these Supreme Court appointments matter in the power structure of Washington and that’s why the Senators go limp against going strong for a confrontation and, finally; When Ted Met Arlen was good for some dramatic entertainment and tension release from the circus that has become Washington politicking:

 The New America

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New York City Transit Strike Fake-Out

As I predicted on the radio yesterday there is no unified Mass Transit subway and bus strike today and there never will be no matter how loudly the Transit Workers Union screams.
The Union lost the battle during the early morning hours of today and a “rolling strike” is like having no strike at all. 

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