Heart Heal Thyself

In a strange mixing of the beauty of the heart and the science of the mind, doctors at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute made history on June 26, 2009 by injecting stem cells from a damaged human heart back into the heart of the original donor!

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Scotland Provides Personal Flatscreen TVs for Inmates

In a quirky turn of the screw, Scotland’s new, private, Lothians’ maximum-security prison will provide personal flatscreen televisions free-of-charge in each cell.

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Stem Cell Veto: Hurry Up and Die Already!

Yesterday’s veto of Stem Cell research — Bush’s second attempt at stopping human longevity — creates an uncomfortable schism between “Doing the Right Thing” and a narrow religious view pressed into the heart of human suffering favoring the possibility of life over established self-sustained living.
Bush once again presents to the world his indefensible selfish view of pretending to save lives while perpetuating incomprehensible, international, deaths on the battlefield.

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Treo 650 SmartPhone Review

The Treo 650 is a SmartPhone from Sprint PCS and palmOne. After 15 years of cellular service from Verizon, I moved to Sprint PCS just to get the Treo 650. I was surprised to find Sprint PCS is a much more robust and user-friendly cellular service provider than Verizon. The Sprint network, at least in New York City and northern New Jersey, is excellent and strong and I can finally use my cellphone in my basement.

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