In a quirky turn of the screw, Scotland’s new, private, Lothians’ maximum-security prison will provide personal flatscreen televisions free-of-charge in each cell.

The new prisoners will find that cell window has adjustable ventilation, a computer room, a library, a gym hall and a fitness suite.

The jail has 12 wings which all have “electronic kiosks” so prisoners can check menus and order meals in advance, check how much money they have in their accounts, top-up phone accounts and order goods from the canteen.

Inmates with enhanced privileges will have in-cell access to satellite sports TV.

We support the idea of keeping the eye of the inmates entertained — it is better to build the mind than exploit the body while incarcerated.

The loss of liberty is enough of a punishment and, perhaps, there is the off chance that something human might be learned from the electronic slipstreaming of the modern prison inmate.


  1. Ha! Now that’s funny, Gordon! The new prison amenities do read like a hotel room instead of a prison. I guess the touch-screen ordering kiosk is sort of like room service.

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