How Do You Pay It Forward?

“Paying it forward” is one of those feel good buzz phrases, which has been hijacked and commercialised by some large corporations — Starbucks for one with their backing of the “suspended coffee scheme.” The same has happened with the whole industry that used to be individual random acts of kindness, which spawned a book and several reality television shows.

Do not let this taint your view of the people who “pay it forward” every day in small and large ways.

In retrospect, I was brought up, paying it forward. Each advent we would clear out clothes that were too small and toys we had grown out of, which would then be washed and pressed or cleaned in the case of toys and then gifted to local children’s homes so the less fortunate than ourselves would at least have something for Christmas.

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How I Support Loving Organizations

In the time since Hurricane Sandy struck at the United States and devastated homes, leaving many homeless and without a single thing to their name. People immediately leapt to the aid of the victims of the storm even as some cruel people online who clearly did not live on the East Coast wondered why the people chose to live in areas that could be struck by such storms.

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Celebrating Lotsa Helping Hands

When your health fails you — where can you turn for help beyond the church or your immediate family or the hospital — to help you manage your care?  One source of power is a free online community called “Lotsa Helping Hands” that helps coordinate caregiving.

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