In the time since Hurricane Sandy struck at the United States and devastated homes, leaving many homeless and without a single thing to their name. People immediately leapt to the aid of the victims of the storm even as some cruel people online who clearly did not live on the East Coast wondered why the people chose to live in areas that could be struck by such storms.

I noticed last week that there was a new thrift shop a couple of blocks away from me being run by the local Chabad synagogue. According to their website, they take clothing as well as just as anything extra you may have to donate their way to help victims of the Sandy mega-storm.

While I was looking at the store and their amazing work, I could not help but think of how we are soon going to be seeing people ringing bells and standing by large receptacles asking people to donate money to their army — the Salvation Army. Whenever I tell people that I sometimes like to buy work shirts at thrift stores, they ask me if I have been to a nearby Salvation Army and I almost always respond the same way — I don’t like to support an organization of hate.

What do I mean by this? In their entire history, the Salvation Army has had an extremely strong anti-gay theology. For many years they have been actively working with governments to persecute gays. I think they have really outdone themselves this year and managed to put out, in 2012, an official statement that the Salvation Army feels that gays should be put to death. Try to let that sink in for a minute — the religion that is based on love and turning the other cheek has a group of followers that thinks that everyone that is gay needs to be put to death.

If you feel even remotely as upset as I do when you read things like this, I would suggest doing as I do and finding alternatives to the Salvation Army. If you find that your local thrift shop has anti-gay policies, it may be time to stop going there.


  1. Thanks for the information, Gordon. I had no idea about the history of the Salvation Army — although with “Salvation” in their name, one should’ve had a clue all along…

  2. CHABAD = (acronym) (Hebrew: חב”ד) is an acronym for Chochmah, Binah, Da’at ( חכמה, בינה, דעת): “Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge”

    I read up on the website quite a bit, and was quite fascinated to learn what that word actually means……
    As for second hand stores, I usually frequent Goodwill. They are, by definition, putting the unemployed and the so-called unemploy-able to work. I feel it’s my social duty to support such an organization.
    I never knew about the Salvation Army’s stance on such things. As a matter of fact, I would think they would keep their opinions to themselves. They are in existence to help, not kill.
    How interesting…

  3. As to Mr. Boles comment: I agree. The people with fish logos on their cars, and “Honk if you love Jesus” bumper stickers are the ones I avoid like the plague. SMILE

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