Here’s a Boles Book for Cheap Holiday Decor!

Hi there! I’m pleased to announce I’ve written my second “Boles Book for…” this Summer!  The newest book is called — Boles Book for Cheap Holiday Decor — and while the title suggest frugality, I promise you there’s nothing cheap in this book… except for the keen ways to save money during the holiday decorating season!


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Affording Cheap Shoes

When I was a graduate student at Columbia University in the City of New York, my friend and mentor Howard Stein said this to me: “David, you don’t have any money; you can’t afford cheap shoes.”

He was right and I have abided that sage advice ever since.

It is better to buy quality once at a higher price than to keep paying a cheaper price more often for a product of lesser quality because, in the end, cheap shoes are more expensive.