Hi there! I’m pleased to announce I’ve written my second “Boles Book for…” this Summer!  The newest book is called — Boles Book for Cheap Holiday Decor — and while the title suggest frugality, I promise you there’s nothing cheap in this book… except for the keen ways to save money during the holiday decorating season!


Here’s a little blurp from the book to give you an idea of what’s at stake in this learning precis:

I love a good deal, I treasure a cheap price, and I don’t mind using the word “cheap” instead of “affordable” because I am cheap, I live frugally, and yet I love to celebrate and decorate for all of the holidays. I’m not a professional crafter or a decorator, I’m just like you, a regular person looking for some frugal ways to make the holidays shine just a bit brighter.

This learning precis, this — Boles Book for Cheap Holiday Decor — will help you decorate and celebrate on a budget. Your decorations will look good and bring joy to others and that’s why you celebrate these shared human events and official government holidays — because you want other people to join you in the memory.

I sure hope you enjoy the book and, as always, I thank you for reading this article!

If you’re interested in writing a Boles Book for… visit the David Boles Books Writing & Publishing website, or you may buy a Boles Book for… guide that will help direct you to the best information on how to get started!


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