Uptick in Facebook Friend Requests in the Wake of Google+

I have a lot of Facebook friends, but I could have so many more if Facebook would allow me to “friend” more than 5,000 people and if others could “friend” me without getting a message that “this user has too many friends.”

The Facebook friends count is volatile as it jumps by a count of ten and then drops by ten throughout the day. One moment, you have 4,900 friends and the next time you update the page moments later, you’ve dropped down to 4,890 friends — that makes adding new friends a bit perilous and hard to predict because Facebook is sensitive if you try to add too many friends too fast, or if you accept too many new friendships too quickly.

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LinkedIn Creates Circles

January 26, 2009.  I no longer like LinkedIn.  I now Loathe LinkedIn.
  However, I am keeping the remainder the review below intact to preserve the breadcrumb record of experience and recognition as it happened.

I believe in the power of circles.  I believe in mending broken circles.  I believe in creating new arcs that lead to closing circles.  When I was invited this week to become a member of LinkedIn, I was wary at first, because I do not like social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace because showboating and friends-gathering is more valued than finding information and tending intimate circles.
LinkedIn is unique.  LinkedIn is clean and cogent.  LinkedIn is about creating business contacts — and the whole idea behind the service is you only add people to your network that you already know.  You can check out my LinkedIn profile — and add me to your network if you know me — by touching the button below.

LinkedIn Profile

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The Covenant of Circles and the Continuity of Regeneration

Circles Yesterday’s post concerning a Round, Edgeless Future pressed me into remembering how we are surrounded by circles but few of us realize their power.

Chains of events also create circles but even fewer of us are able to forge the connections to complete the meaning.

A circle is the original conundrum: What indicates everything and nothing at the same time?

We ride on circles. We hold hands and create two joined circles.

Circles remind us of who we are and where we began.

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