I have a lot of Facebook friends, but I could have so many more if Facebook would allow me to “friend” more than 5,000 people and if others could “friend” me without getting a message that “this user has too many friends.”

The Facebook friends count is volatile as it jumps by a count of ten and then drops by ten throughout the day. One moment, you have 4,900 friends and the next time you update the page moments later, you’ve dropped down to 4,890 friends — that makes adding new friends a bit perilous and hard to predict because Facebook is sensitive if you try to add too many friends too fast, or if you accept too many new friendships too quickly.

I like having 5,000 Facebook friends, but right now I’m at 4904 — and over the past six months or so, Facebook has seemed determined to keep me right around 4800 friends.  If I try to friend someone, I get asked a slew of mommy questions — “Do you really know this person” and somesuch and so on and on, and even if I swear and testify that I do, indeed, know that person, I get a message from the system that I am “not allowed” to friend that person.  I hate that.  Facebook is making a dire error in not allowing the free market of internet friendships to blossom.  I decide my friends, not Facebook. I also want to take all my Facebook friends with me to Google+ but Facebook will not allow me to accomplish that need.  That makes me hate Facebook.

Over the past couple of weeks or so, I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting 600% more friend requests per day on Facebook than usual — and I accept every request because I like having friends everywhere, and if you want to be my friend, I will be your friend — but I’ve been wondering why Facebook is suddenly becoming so much more accommodating to my friendship universe.

Since there’s no such thing as a coincidence, I have decided my surge in acquiring new Facebook friendships is Facebook’s response to the overwhelming power of Google+ and I find that so distasteful and non-transparent that it makes me want to leap 100% into the arms of Google+ and forever forsake Facebook for how cruelly they’ve treated me in the past.

What is your experience on Facebook over the last two weeks?  Have you noticed an unusual surge in new friendship requests?


  1. It’s rather amusing that Facebook has a hard limit on how many “Friends” you have — especially with so many people friending others specifically for the purpose of getting help with games. I hope that Google plus succeeds in staying a more serious social network and doesn’t get into silly games.

    1. It makes zero sense for Facebook to limit our friendships. It’s arrogant and indefensible. I do fear that games are soon coming hard to Google+ — that’s why they bought Slide — so, get ready for Super Poke Pets+ coming to a stream near you! SMILE!

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