Please LIKE the new Boles Blogs page on Facebook!

As the man I am, I have over 5,000 friends on Facebook.  As the blog I want us to be, we currently have seven “Like” friends on the new Facebook page for this new old Boles Blog that I created last night.  Oh, the good old wild days when I could blink and I’d have too many friends to count and Facebook would warn me to be less popular:

Getting to 5,000 Facebook friends was a fascinating experience. It was easier to move from 2,500 friends to 5,000 than it was to go from zero to 2,500. I thought I’d hit that 5,000 friends limit in June, but it took to the end of August to get there.

Today, I am asking you to help build up Boles Blogs on Facebook by clicking the link below to “Like” us now and forevermore:

We will use that Boles Blogs Facebook page to post updates for all new articles we publish.  Some Facebook friends complained that some of my updates for new articles were not really just not about me, and that’s a fair criticism, so now I will post new article notifications only on the dedicated Boles Blogs Facebook page.

One thing I noticed about inviting people to “Like” your page on Facebook is that Facebook is much kinder to you as a business page inviter than they are to you as an ordinary Facebook user looking for friendship.  You may invite as many of your friends as you like at a time and Facebook won’t scold you or tell you to slow down or lock down your account.  That means, it seems, that I can invite all my 5,000 Facebook friends to like the new Boles Blogs page — and so I shall! — because that is the new wave of working the social networking nut.

I have no idea long it will take to get 5,000 Facebook Likes for Boles Blogs — many of my Facebook friends were cemented playing SuperPoke Pets and I think there’s a lot more noise now in the liking department from many more angles — and I don’t think it will be as easy, or as seamless, to get Facebook page Likes as it was to get Friends on Facebook, but we’ll see!  Facebook Likes for Boles Blogs also appear in the sidebar of this blog.

Speaking of Social Networking, you may also follow Boles Blogs on Twitter for even faster notification on the publication of new articles and other vital information:

We thank you for reading us, and for helping us blend 14 separate blogs into a new, unified, single space known as — Boles Blogs — and will always endeavor to share the human truth with you as we know it in the world and as we continue to discover that reality in our lives.