A Modest Proposal: The Clean Streets Brigade

I would like to make what I feel is a modest proposal that will help make the streets a bit cleaner if not entirely clean. I walk the streets every day from when I go to the synagogue in the morning, often in the dark, until I am walking back home at night. I encounter far too much trash along the way, seemingly no matter what route I choose. There is, unfortunately, only so much that I am able to pick up and relocate in the proper receptacles. We can ask ourselves why the streets are so dirty but knowing the answer today won’t make them any cleaner tomorrow.

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Litter Bugging

I was walking home one afternoon recently and had a couple of big heavy bags loaded with groceries. I would stop every now and again to adjust the load because I probably overdid it — there’s a good reason the conventional wisdom is to never shop when you are hungry. While walking, I observed a man several feet ahead of me taking sips of coffee from a cup, who abruptly stopped walking. He took a final sip of his drink and put the cup upside down on a hedge in front of someone’s home before dashing off and going to his own apartment building.

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Clean Women and Christian Girls

A female friend of mine, fresh on the dating scene after a disengaged marriage, lamented the lack of an available good man.  She is offended by many of the online dating sites where available men list as a requirement a “clean woman” — which, I was told, is a code phrase that translates into a “woman who washes her private parts on a regular basis.”

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Bathing and Showering

In the old American West, the Saturday night bath was a ritual women, children and cowboys all enjoyed. They’d fill up a metal tub with warm water and take a bath in the order of least dirty to filthiest because each bather used the same bathwater as the person before them.
Are you a bath person?

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