When In Doubt? FDISK!

by Clem Kohl

Some days you know at once that it just isn’t your day. The world is against you, your wife is against you and the dog won’t let you touch her. Well, it wasn’t my day last Monday when I was putting what I thought would be the finishing touches on a new computer I was building.

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Joyce Kohl

Joyce Kohl was born in Independence, Missouri on August 19, 1931. This photograph is the only one she cares to share. It was taken about 20 years ago in Maui, Hawaii. Her hair is now white, and she weighs a LOT more! Joyce is Managing Editor for Go Inside Magazine and you can read her delicious Go Inside recipe series, Joyce’s Eatery, to learn — step-by-step — how to create some of the best tasting manna on this planet!

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Going to Church

by Joyce Kohl

One day out of the blue, my husband Clem says to me: “I’ m going to church. Be back soon.”

After I picked myself up from the floor and wondered if all the church bells in the state of Arizona would start ringing when they heard Clem’s going to church, I quietly said: “CHURCH?!?”

To which Clem replied: “Computer store. I’m going to walk up and down the aisles and worship. I’m off to Saint CompUSA… seeya later.”

Well, I laughed all day long. I suppose you’d have to have been there to get the full effect, but at least I know that, in his own way, Clem saw the sale light and found religion!