Joyce Kohl was born in Independence, Missouri on August 19, 1931. This photograph is the only one she cares to share. It was taken about 20 years ago in Maui, Hawaii. Her hair is now white, and she weighs a LOT more! Joyce is Managing Editor for Go Inside Magazine and you can read her delicious Go Inside recipe series, Joyce’s Eatery, to learn — step-by-step — how to create some of the best tasting manna on this planet!

She met her husband, Clem, on a blind date and they were married on February 11, 1950. They have BIG plans for the turn of the century! All seven of their children, twenty grandchildren (another due in January 1998), and 6 great-grandchildren (two more on the way) are planning the celebration of their golden wedding anniversary.

Joyce’s interest in computers began when she needed to compile genealogical information she had collected for twenty-five years. She bought books to learn DOS. Mrs. Kohl wrote two 375+ page family history books in 1989.

Other accomplishments she’s proud of include advanced certification in ceramic decorating and porcelain dolls; advanced sewing; various handcrafts and needlework include crocheting, knitting, and needlepoint; software and hardware beta testing for Microsoft as well as a few other companies and shareware authors. She’s also had some poetry published and was one of five second place winners in a national contest for personal Website designing.

Through the help of people she met on Prodigy, she became a system operator of her own bulletin board system (BBS) in 1992 which she ran for almost six years. Mrs. Kohl claimed the title of “The Oldest Female Sysop in The World”. No one was able to take the title away from her even though several tried!

Her husband, Clem, is a retired State Farm Insurance agent and her widowed mother lives with the Kohls. A 7# Yorkshire Terrier, Mandy, is the pride of joy of these three senior citizens.

Mrs. Kohl lives in the Town of Paradise Valley, an area between Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona. This is where she has lived since 1967.

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