Your AI Voice Clone Will Hear You Now

Clones are not coming, they’re already here — because, the Clone, is you! Yes, the call is coming from inside your head! I now have an AI Voice clone of my voice trained on over 30 hours of my Human Meme podcast. I trained my AI voice on my Human Meme podcast so the source material was clean, and well-edited – and because of that early care in podcast recording, and production, my new AI voice is shockingly, and incredibly real and, frankly, Uncannily Fantastic! Plus, there is probably a little tinge of terror tossed in there too — because now my voice can live on without me. Let’s hope it behaves! From this moment on, I have touched true immortality. Would you ever want it any other way?

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Sheep Cloning: Sheep Cloning

Can you believe they cloned a sheep in Roslin, Scotland? The penultimate ramifications of such a wildly successful operation bodes darkness for Humankind precisely because “survival of the fittest” will no longer be the watershed test for creating and sustaining life. Our Evolutional mantra will have to change to “survival of the richest, smartest and most beautiful” instead.

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