Can you believe they cloned a sheep in Roslin, Scotland? The penultimate ramifications of such a wildly successful operation bodes darkness for Humankind precisely because “survival of the fittest” will no longer be the watershed test for creating and sustaining life. Our Evolutional mantra will have to change to “survival of the richest, smartest and most beautiful” instead.

How it Happened
For 20 years, scientists have been working to clone sheep in order to get the most robust and reliable sheep possible for a vibrant and long-living herd. By cloning the best sheep a farmer can begin to guarantee and predict profitability based upon past performance using the same, non-evolving sheep. Eight months ago sheep cloning was made a reality with the birth of Dolly — the first genetically cloned sheep.

Dolly was created by taking a single cell from the sheep she was cloned from, extracting the DNA and then bonding it via an electrified charge, to an egg that had its own DNA strings “cleaned” from it. The result is Dolly — a perfect copy of another sheep!

Sheep cloning has dire ramifications for humans and that sort of research must be halted immediately in its tracks or we’ll all become “Stepford Wives” of our own choosing. We can play God by creating ourselves in our own image.

We are Evolutionary beings and to have someone over the next 20 years, attempt to clone a human being, is a horror that is assured of happening. When it happens, however, beware that Evolution stops dead it its tracks. Gene mutation stops. Our minds stop. We are frozen to ourselves and what we used to be instead of what we could become by tossing our unique DNA into the generic gene pool of random marriage and child bearing.

Be Your Own Best Friend
Who wouldn’t want to have an exact copy of themselves? Why a single copy? Why not have 20 exact copies of you made at one time? Field your own baseball team. Run your own company from top to bottom. Train yourself to learn from your mistakes and make yourself the super success you always hoped you’d be! The possibilities are endless and wholly dangerous.

Hitler’s Dream Fulfilled
Oh, if Adolph Hitler only had Dolly in his day, he’d have the perfect blueprint for creating his pure Aryan Nation. One perfect copy after another of a Master Race of blue eyed blonde soldiers goosestepping and heiling across the world. Mengele’s “Twins Experiments” become meaningless when you can create a hundred clones and subject each child to a different test and torture.

Only the Rich Survive
If you had the means to achieve immortality through cloning, wouldn’t you pay any price? The temptation to live beyond space and time forever must be a charming thought to rich men who build concrete monuments to themselves in the guise of skyscrapers. Why build a living headstone when you can instead buy back your life?

In addition to the rich, the military surely would love to exploit this cloning affect and make perfect copies of their best and most obedient soldiers. They could take the DNA from soldiers who are already dead, resurrect them via cloning a thousand copies, and have them re-killed in battle with little remorse or aftereffect. How can you be blamed for killing a clone of a dead man?

Jurassic Park
With Dolly technology, we shouldn’t stop our thinking with cloning human beings, we should recognize the long held desire to bring back extinct beings as well. Why not take dinosaur DNA and create a living clone? Why not dig up Einstein and set him thinking about the world again as a clone? We could plow the cemeteries and re-grow the people we lost, meet them as children, and document their lives under various influences.

With Dolly in the world, Man has become God and the mystery of God becomes irrelevant. The idea of Sin or Pergatory or Eternal Damnation become moot because you won’t ever physically die — you’ll just keep trading in bodies. We will not be our bodies nor our spirits. We will become our personalities. The ability to create life and grant Resurrections gives too much power to too few people.

The Failure of Science & Technology
Science and Technology have been trying to replace the death of the old God for a generation now, and with the advent of Dolly, I’m certain some scientists believe now is the time for the successful crowning of mathematics over wonder and DNA over Faith.

I think quite the opposite. This latest “Dolly Revolution” proves the continued failure of Science and Technology to replace the death of the old God. Here’s why:

We are unique.

We are imperfect.

We are finite.

To take away those three mortal Fates is to damage the very fiber of our community of being. To construct a Perfect People via cloning is to invite the instant destruction of the progress of Mankind. We are small beings with small lives and to suddenly give us immortality and function beyond our natural capabilities is truly the failure of science and technology to replace the death of the old God, because we will simply be doomed into transmogrifying from “beings” to “pastings.”

Cloning research must be stopped much in the same way all Nuclear bomb testing has stopped. They’re both deadly to the future well being of Mankind in the same degree and we, as prescient, precious beings, must demand we keep our mortal shortcomings forever.