David vs. the Google Goliath

We all love fighting a good moral brawl.  When Slide stole 3,000 fake money coins from me in April of 2009, I was livid and I wrote about it in the early morning hours of the 23rd:

I enjoy playing Slide.com’s SuperPoke Pets and I’ve raved about SuperPoke Pets and ranted about SuperPoke Pets. Today, I am enraged — not by the game I have come to love — but rather by the lack of an artful and loving Slide.com technical response to what should have been a simple problem to solve.  This is the story of a false accusation — an unfair incarceration of character if you will — and its ultimate unraveling in the light of indisputable, human, facts.

After I wrote my article, Google bought Slide for $200 million and recently decided to close down all the Slide games.  There is now no more SuperPoke Pets.  The game is over. People are furious.  I was intrigued that I was mentioned last week in a Facebook comments stream where people are trying to save the game:

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Saint Vincent's Hospital Crumbles into a Tombstone

Saint Vincent’s Hospital in New York City’s Greenwich Village neighborhood was an anchor for families and a healer of friends for over 160 years.  On May 31, 2010, the hospital closed leaving 3,500 doctors, nurses and support staff unemployed and a jagged neighborhood wound that will never be healed.

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At Brandeis, Art is the First Casualty

In a stunning and incomprehensible move, Brandeis University is selling 6,000 pieces of art and closing its art museum because of bad institutional budget management:

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