In a stunning and incomprehensible move, Brandeis University is selling 6,000 pieces of art and closing its art museum because of bad institutional budget management:

Rocked by a budget crisis, Brandeis University will close its Rose Art Museum and sell off a 6,000-object collection that includes work by such contemporary masters as Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Nam June Paik.

The move shocked local arts leaders and drew harsh criticism from the Association of College and University Museums and Galleries. Rose Art Museum director Michael Rush declined comment this evening, saying he had just learned of the decision.

Brandeis is also discussing a range of sweeping proposals to bridge a budget deficit that could be as high as $10 million, such as reducing the size of the faculty by 10 percent, increasing undergraduate enrollment by 12 percent to boost tuition revenue, and overhauling the undergraduate curriculum by eliminating individual academic programs in favor of larger, interdisciplinary divisions.

Brandeis University can’t manage its budget and the first to feel the axe swing is the art museum?

That lack of prescience and kindness to the human aesthetic damns Brandeis University as an ill-managed, cruel, dark, tar pit of a place where no light escapes the dimness surrounding the required core moral values of such an institution.

If Brandeis University is going to punish its students and faculty with the loss of art on campus, they are telling the rest of the world aesthetic that beauty and humanity have no meaning or place in the bottom line.

We call upon Brandeis University to do the righteous thing and shutter the entire campus, close all classes, and retire into the mist forever as dead proof of the failure of leadership, intellectualism, humanity and higher learning.