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The Promise Under a Jacaranda Tree

Michelle Carter wrote this article.

Kona coffee and chocolate croissant in hand, I strolled out of my favorite café and continued down Carrillo Street toward Laguna. A tan, two-story, building on the right, and salmon hued stucco structure on the left, were familiar landmarks. As I crossed the street, I readied myself for the office with a wall of glass where there always sat a man at a desk in a shirt and tie. I felt uneasy in this part of my walk because it seemed I was entering his space uninvited.

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The Via Starbucks Review

As a confirmed caffeine addict, I do loves my coffees.  While I have enjoyed my elitist machine-ground coffee beans in the past, I am now a lifelong member of the Instant Coffee Brigade.  I was born on Taster’s Choice, bred by Medaglia D’Oro — and I’m now swimming in the newest “Via” instant taste treat from Starbucks.

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Sorry, But Thanks

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

One day last week as I was waiting to go to the synagogue where I regularly go to services. I noticed a young woman standing across 96th street holding a cup of, what I assumed to be, coffee. I remember thinking to myself that because it was a Jewish holiday on that day, I was not able to buy myself my own cup of coffee and would have to accept a cup of instant coffee instead. I briefly looked at the cup of coffee cup and then looked back down at the street.

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Cutting Caffeine and Going Grains

I love coffee.  Unfortunately, coffee no longer loves me.  The high acidity of coffee, along with the massive intake of caffeine throughout the work day, made my body revolt and forced me to recognize my acidy stomach and accelerated, exploding, heart rate were not beneficial to my long term well being in the galaxy.

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McMenamins and The Kennedy School

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

When I was a kid and we took a long road trip from New Jersey to sunny Orlando, Florida for our first visit to Walt Disney World, one of my parents made an observation about strip malls.
No matter where we went, it seemed, the stores were pretty much the same. They were the same on the outside and the same on the inside. What a peculiar thing, I thought. At home we had such stores as The Princeton Record Exchange and dozens of other small stores – owned and operated by individuals or small groups of people, not large corporations.

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Starbucks in Declination: Brewing Trouble, Not Coffee

Is Starbucks a brand in declination and a failing business? Has the reality of paying $8.00 for a latte finally hit bean bottom of a pitless pocketbook as people realize they can no longer afford fancy coffees if they can’t first pay their mortgages and mounting credit card bills?

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