Welcome to the second round of my Starbucks Whole Bean Bag Art Review where I share and celebrate the art encompassing a one pound bags of Starbucks coffee. 

The first bag art up for celebration this time around is the “Christmas Blend” and it is hardy and robust and extremely BOLD!
Starbucks has a yearly “Christmas” and “Holiday” bag of beans and I
find the color and the spirit of this emboldened tradition effective in
the utmost.

Starbucks Bag Art Review!

de Chiapas” is a delightful smoky blend of beans. You get the feeling
of the earth and good people in this bag art. You wonder what’s just
beyond the burning horizon — and you hope it isn’t your pot of coffee!

Starbucks Bag Art Review!

Estima” is a special blend and a pamphlet discussing the social
goodwill of the beans is attached to the bag. The coffee is smooth and
tawny. The leaves and the beans and the people punch out at you from
this bag coercing you to love it.

Starbucks Bag Art Review!

“Terraza Blend” is a cooler, lazier, coffee and the bag art says it
all: “We are jazzy. We are funky. We are the hepcat color combo of
brown, blue and silver!”

Starbucks Bag Art Review!

“Starbucks 35th Anniversary Special Blend” is a bag I didn’t want to
open because of the art would vanish along with the beans. The silvery
Starbucks mermaid swirls around the coffee in an ongoing orgasmic dance
of the senses and taste sensations.

Starbucks Bag Art Review!

Florentina” claims it is “complex and juicy” and the bag art confirms
that tasty argument! This blend speaks to you from The Old World in red
ochre and scuttled maps and plump beans and orangy golds. The bag art
is definitely beautiful — my favorite design in this round — and a
reminder of what makes life worth drinking.

Starbucks Bag Art Review!

special “Brazil” blend laughs at you from the bag art. There’s a
Carnivale in every cup! The flowers and the faces become one in a
glorious artistic aesthetic.

Starbucks Bag Art Review!

That wraps up this edition of the Starbucks Whole Bean Bag Art Review. We’ll be back soon with Round Three!
Keep your feet on the grounds and keep reaching for the Starbucks!


  1. Hey Anne!
    Yes, I think you’re right. You could just put the whole beans in a plain brown wrapper and call it a day. Starbucks, however, chooses not to the plain paper bag route and instead tries to add a little bit of an aesthetic back into the world with some art you can buy and take home!
    I’m sure that art is not cheap to create.

  2. And the beans are good, too, right? It isn’t like they’re trying to fool you with bad beans in a pretty bag.

  3. I agree with Anne. Starbuck’s art work is amazing. I drink coffee every so often and this makes me want to run out and get a bag just to see its beauty.
    I just hope I don’t get hooked on the “good stuff” since I’m used to drinking the generic coffee service coffee served up at the office.

  4. Hi David,
    I felt inspired, so I also wrote up a review. If I did everything right, it should be in the drafts for your blog.

  5. Hi Chris!
    I agree the bag art is enticing and I hope you’ll buy at least one bag to experience the glory in your hands!
    The beans are the best, too!

  6. Super, Chris! I see your article waiting! So cool! I’m glad we’re back to this collaborative writing interface and method. I’ll read it ASAP — I’m out and then back in — and then it will be online! The subject is excellent!

  7. I agree with David, Anne and Chris – all!
    THis is indeed an art than coffee! This is not only about ‘what’ and ‘where’ but about ‘why’ and ‘how’ too’!
    I will definitely look for it next time I go for grocery shopping!

  8. Hi Katha!
    Well said!
    This is about more than just packaging and selling coffee.
    This is about trying to bring some beauty into the world where none before existed.
    I admire the Starbucks effort and I appreciate you celebrating the success here with me!

  9. Oh, and Katha!
    Since you’re so bored and lonely, why don’t you login here and write up a spectacular new article for us?
    You could write about Calcutta/Kolkata and the Power of Naming or something!

  10. Ha!
    I am definitely bored because of my own stupidity…not because I am lonely – I never am! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Besides, now I am off to a camping site 50 miles from here – joined with group “E”…
    “If there is a way – I will figure it out!” – ๐Ÿ˜€
    Will definitely write something when I come back!

  11. I am in two minds about Starbucks – They attract a lot of negative press over here because of their wages policy and their environmental impact – ie the amount of waste they cause.
    The examples you have shown are beautiful – I just hope they are fully bio-degradable along with all the cups they use.

  12. Hiya Nicola!
    I’m glad to see the weather didn’t forsake you!
    The cups here are paper so that can all be recycle. Are the UK cups Styrofoam or something?
    As for wages and labor — our Gordon Davidescu is the best authority on that matter — he used to work for them and was given a pound of free coffee a week as well as full health benefits for only working 20 hours a week — half the normal work week for most Americans to get full health coverage. I know Starbucks doesn’t want to unionize because the money and fees go to the union and not the workers.
    The bag art appears to be of plastic and some sort of foil — so I would think on the face of it the bag art fails the enviro-friendly mandate, but you could always frame it and put it on your wall!

  13. The weather is still here – we have a temporary lull – next lot of rain is coming overnight. I have a bog for a lawn and huge puddles and a lot of mud – but NO flooded stream (phew). I also have some rather intensive clients.
    They used to use styrofoam cups – if they have changed that is good ๐Ÿ™‚
    Those sound like reasonable conditions and benefits – especially for part time. Maybe I need to be checking current information about conditions now as opposed to what they used to be. They tend to fall into the same bracket as MacDOnalds in the UK – with the accompanying reputation.
    Not sure I have any room left on my walls – but a coffee room sounds nice – now should that be the library or the *morning roon* ?

  14. Nicola —
    I hope the water will never find you! Yuck! It’s torture to wait for Mother Nature to decide your fate. I feel for you.
    They could use styrofoam in the UK. Here in the USA Starbucks have used paper for as long as I can recall. Now McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts both still use styrofoam for their best coffees.
    Most students and part-timers know the best place to work 20 hrs. a week for the biggest bang is Starbucks. You can make good money and reap excellent benefits. That is a rarity in American part-time working.
    Yes! A Coffee Room! Set that up!

  15. Hi David,
    It’s good to be contributing again!
    One of the partners retired and I got all of his work, so I’ve been pretty much slammed for the last couple of months at work. Maybe that’ll will mean I get to be partner one of these days. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I have an idea for another article.
    I might write it up sometime tonight or tomorrow. My wife and I went out looking at some model houses in a brand new subdivision and she brought up some issues.
    Here’s a preview.
    It will involve picking a place to live based on Chinese numerology.

  16. Hi Chris!
    Yes! It’s good to have you back in the swing here!
    Congrats on getting the retired partner work! That means you’re solid and trusted! I’m sure you’ll be partner soon!
    Wow! Love the article idea! Culture, numbers, orientation to the sun — they are all fantastic things to explore and discuss. Can’t wait!

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