Janna found this wonderful t-shirt for me as a Thanksgiving Day gift. “The Original” appears above the image and “Founding Fathers” below.

The Original Founding Fathers

Now that’s a righteous history lesson!

The shirt was created by intiarts.


  1. fred!
    Yes! I’d put my money on the Native American ancestors enshrined in stone on a shirt to sell better.
    They also sell a shirt showing Native Americans in full war regalia on horses and spitting up dust with the caption “Homeland Security since 1492” — how divine!

  2. I love “Mt. NativeAmericanmore” fred!
    Very cool you have a blog now! Now pick a template that better matches your personality in the PRESENTATION area of your WordPress.com Admin page. Just click on a style you like, look at it, and if you don’t like it, go back and click on another one…
    Avatars are free. Login to your WordPress.com account, go to USERS > YOUR PROFILE and upload!

  3. Hi fred!
    Your Avatar should appear faster than soon and sooner than soonish!
    Are you logged into WordPress.com when you post messages here? If so, your Avatar should be loading!

  4. Hi Katha!
    Envy me, for I have the shirt!
    Are there any terrible genocide atrocities in Indian history by one group against another?
    I noticed in your Guest Author bio that the “Calcutta” link now takes us to a Wikipedia site that says the city is now spelled “Kolkata” — what’s up with that and what happened?
    I wonder how the black box got placed around your Avatar. Did that happen when you uploaded the new version I sent you? If so, let me know, and I’ll send you a .JPEG of the same file to see if that makes a difference.

  5. Thanks, Nicola! It’s such a shameful history we share with the Native Americans. We brought them disease and alcoholism and heartache — but some rubes would argue we made them rich with protected Federal lands called Reservations that they use to build casinos.

  6. Yes, she found the shirt, but I’m the one who owns it now! Gosh, it’s sort of like repeating the history between the Native Americans and the uppity White Folk, eh?…
    What a history of massacres! All in the name of a religious belief. That is so dangerous. So sad. Were any of your family members caught in the melee?
    I appreciate knowing about “Calcutta!” Do you want me to change the name in your bio? If yes, which spelling do you prefer? Do you still use Calcutta in your everyday writing and speech?
    I sent you an email with a revised Avatar to see if we can fix the black border problem. I believe this is a WordPress.com matter, but we’ll try to fix it ourselves first.

  7. Ah, Katha! Your Avatar is back and without the black frame. Yay!
    You’re right! Should could have kept the shirt — even for herself — forcing me to take it from her and to give her a smaller, white t-shirt that she could use to write down bets way over there in the corner.
    Did you have Thanksgiving plans that were messed up?
    I’m glad to learn your family did not suffer in the religious exodus.
    “Kolkata” is coming up for you!

  8. Ok, I got it! 😀
    Yes, my holiday plans got messed up because I didn’t have a definite plan…
    I wanted to spend time with ‘A’, so refused ‘B’ and ‘C’ – but ‘A’ had their own plan…. ‘D’ joined to ‘B’ and ‘C’…so there was no room for me…and so on…
    Well, will compensate it in Christmas for sure!
    Thanks for the revised Avatar and bio!

  9. It is always good to find new space to clear your head, Katha. I hope you find a good escape!
    I hope you will come back from India! I always wonder about a toxic world and the enemies it can instantly create.

  10. How right you are! Need to clear my head and the best way to do it is through a good escape! Thank you for your wishes!
    I will definitely come back…I am yet to finish my program!

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