Today we will be chowing down on a ball of Tofurkey stuffed with stuffing. Tofurkey is a semi-delicious,Tofurkey! Vegan, fat-free “turkey replacement” and it is quite delish.

Some people who still eat turkey sometimes ask those of us who don’t eat animals why we would choose to eat an “animal replacement” that tastes like the meat we are trying to avoid.

To those silly few my answer to their inquiry is this: “You obviously haven’t tried Tofurkey, because if you had, you’d know it tastes nothing like turkey!”

There are many Vegans among us who are unable to enjoy the soy health benefits of Tofurkey because of its peculiar taste, and we do pity those poor few as we slice and dice our hot and juicy ball of tofu — all in the name of celebrating the land and delighting in grand company.


  1. I am one of those poor few who is pitied by you…I can’t eat tofu – in fact I don’t eat soy products…it tastes like plastic! 🙁

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you David and everyone else.
    I always enjoy a little tofu in hot and sour soup!
    We’re cheating this year and picking up some pre-cooked animals to eat from a local restaurant. No cooking or major clean-up is required. 🙂

  3. Chris!
    Happy T-Day to you and your fine family!
    Tofu is a miracle food. It’s earth-friendly and packed with protein.
    You’re smart to not cook. It gives more of the day back to you!

  4. Hey Anne!
    Thanks for the good wishes and I hope you are enjoying a fine T-Day!
    Yes, Tofurkey is rubbery. Not in a bad way, though.
    It is, and shall always remain, my favorite rubber shoe!

  5. That’s what I didn’t want to hear. I guess if it’s good for you and good for the animals the taste isn’t so important.

  6. I have to confess I have not seen it ……… a quick search on google is not very fruitful – I think it is purely an American thing at the moment.

  7. I tried tofu…couldn’t push much inside – it’s tasteless!!! You are right about this being an acquired taste – which I faled to acquire!
    Enjoy your dinner with tofurkey!

  8. Nicola, it looks like Planet Organic in London has two stores and a mail order delivery service. That’s the only place in the UK I could find that sells Tofurkey! It is also much more available to our Canadian friends — they seem to have plenty of points of purchases there!

  9. I had a quick look – we have “Cheatin” Roast Turkey available by mail order.
    “Water, wheat protein, vegetable fats and oils, soya flour, vegetable protein, flavouring, starch, thickeners: carrageenan, locust bean gum; herbs and spices”
    Somehow my mouth is not watering………

  10. Hi Katha —
    If you’re eating raw tofu, you’re right there’s no taste. You have to add flavor to it to give it good taste. Then you can boil it or fry it or whatever else you wish to give yourself a powerful protein resource that no real meat can match.

  11. Nicola!
    Now go read the ingredients for a processed cookie or a commercial soup or a can of gravy — you’ll see even worse, less-natural things listed!

  12. Hello mrsmogul and welcome to Urban Semiotic!
    Yes, Tofurkey is expensive but it can easily feed four people.
    Everyone should try a bite at least once in a lifetime!

  13. Hello mrsmogul and welcome to Urban Semiotic!
    Yes, Tofurkey is expensive but it can easily feed four people.
    Everyone should try a bite at least once in a lifetime!

  14. We don’t have tofurky in the UK?! someone send me some mail order please 😀
    We do have some nice beef alternatives though.. not very nice cooked.. slices on sandwiches with teese is good though! 😛

  15. Hi Rachell —
    Tofurkey is very good. It doesn’t really taste very meaty, but it does give a good dose of protein.
    I think youi’ll have to explain what “teese” is to our other readers.

  16. I was too curious to wait and so I looked it up. Teese is a vegan cheese alternative. It sounds quite yummy from the looks of their web site.

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