Never Speak to the Actors!

There’s an old, weary, chestnut in the theatre — that deserves to be burned alive, eaten whole, pooped out and buried in the deep blue sea and then never spoken of again — that goes a little something like this, when directors say to Playwrights: “Never Speak to the Actors!”

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SoundCloud Reruns Howard Stein in Collaboration

Technology is amazing when it can bring back the best of the past and press it forward with new life into the future.  Now that SoundCloud is here — and is a reliable and robust service — I have finally been able to bring together a series of 12 voicemails Dr. Howard Stein left for me in 2011 — he died a year later at 90 — and, with his expressed permission then, as now, I am able to share them with you to help create an arc of a man and his mind in collaboration.

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What I Learned from All American Handyman

I am quite far from being anything remotely close to a handyman. Despite having a keychain that resembles a handsaw proclaiming me to be a member of a handyman association (Truth — my stepfather was giving me a key and it came with the keychain that he got as a member of that association, I am really not that handy. Having gotten into a number of HGTV shows in the last few months, I am quite interested in the people that take the houses on the show and transform them from horror shows to amazing living spaces using tools and construction material.

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The Johnny Winter Roots Review

I am a mad Johnny Winter fan — and I mean “mad” as in “wildly crazy” for the guy — he’s one of the best guitarists of our lifetime and above all his suffering and addiction he has let his music continue to speak for him and to foster our national tempering.  Johnny’s latest musical masterpiece — Roots — dropped today and it is a fantastic collaboration of bright minds.

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Failing the Facebook Microsoft Office Docs Beta

I am currently beta testing — the new online writing and collaboration website using your Facebook login and contacts and Microsoft’s stripped down version of Office. 

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Perils of Collaboration

Working together in a collaborative manner is always wrought with perils and pitfalls.  Finding common ground often involves the downward negotiation ideals, the shredding of core values and a watering down of fiery ideas to meet a melting, middling, middle-ground. 

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Cold Feet or Quitting?

How do you know when a collaborator is expressing the natural concerns of cold feet and when they are actually trying to quit a project? Few people are capable of being direct and blunt without being nasty.

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