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How Comcast Ruins HD Channeling

We have a love/hate relationship with Comcast. Comcast have enough money to might just buy NBC — yet Comcast are also unable to willingly and innately and universally serve the basic needs of its most loyal customers.  Today, we wonder why Comcast promotes their superior “HD Choices” when, in reality, they do not provide an HD channel for every channel that has an HD signal.

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Old Cooter and Comcast DNS Hijacking

Yesterday, I was playing around with domain names and stumbled on — Old Cooter Dot Com — as a possibility for a fun new music site.  Now, before we get into the nuts and bolts of that technical experience, let’s be clear that “cooter” is a North American brown shell river turtle with yellow head banding. Mr. Slowsky, anyone?  The first thing I do when I want to see if a domain is taken or not, is type the name into my web browser.  If the site comes up dead, then you take the next step toward registration. Old Cooter was, indeed, dead — but it was given an unwanted, and disturbing, new life by Comcast.

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Tweeting for Help From ComcastBill

We all know I love Comcast — except when I’m rarely hating on them — and we all know I don’t like Twitter even though I use it every day, so what happens when your first beloved betrays you and the second coming of your loathing, meet?  You get a socially swampy, memeingful, mashup as ComcastBill rides to your rescue.  Here’s how the Comcast Crusade began yesterday at 10:11am with this Tweet:

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The Comcast Triple Play Home Run

I was never a fan of cable modem internet service — mainly because you share that copper wire with up to 100 of your neighbors — but I now recant that condition after experiencing the Comcast Triple Play package overt the last three weeks.  I now have superlative broadband internet access, extensive HD cable programming and digital voice telephony.  My internet connection is so fast up and down that even the Speakeasy Speed Test gets whacked trying to make sense of it as you can see below:

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Cancelling Verizon Voice and DSL

I’ve reached my end.  I give in.  I submit.  I’m cancelling my Verizon Voice and DSL service effective immediately.  I’m going with Comcast Cable’s Triple Play special instead. 

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