Rise of the Typeface as Image: Moving from the Static Mind to the Empty Eye

When Twitter was text-only, I confess to finding it a dry and wanting experience.  I realize that sort of goes against my living mantra that The Word Rules — but I do think what sort of word rules us is important.

Now that Twitter are publishing inline images with Twitter streams, I actually appreciate the “worth a thousand words” addition to the brittle 140 character limit of a Tweet.  Now the word reflects the image and the image reflexes the 140 construction.

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The Apple AirPort Time Capsule Review: 3TB Edition

Of all the electronic doodads I am surrounded by every day, the one I use the most, and the one that gets the least amount of appreciative forethought, is my AirPort Time Capsule — my silent sentinel.  My AirPort Time Capsule connects and manages all my iPhone and iPad and Apple TV and wireless printer WiFi connections to the internets, and it backs up all my most precious data.  When Apple released a new AirPort Time Capsule this week, I loved the new design, and I upped my commitment at the 3TB level and I have been delighted ever since.

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Every Day We Fledge

When Nicola pointed me to Alessondra’s Great Horned Owl Cam a month or so ago, I was hooked.  Every day I would watch the live USTREAM video feed of the mother and father owl feeding and taking care of their two owlets:  Tigris and Teegra.  Every few days it seemed like the owlets grew twice their previous size. It was a magnificent experience watching how Great Horned Owls raise their own.

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Down for Everyone Or Just Me?

One of the most frustrating moments on the Internet is wondering if a site is not working of if your local internet connection is wonky.  This is especially important if you run a website or write a blog.  DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com is the ticket to your online knowing.  Visit the site, type in the domain that isn’t working for you — and “Down for Everyone” will visually tell you if the problem with the site you’re trying to hit is “Just You” or if the site is “Down for Everyone:”

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Permalinks Death Penalty

Never change your Blog permalinks!
I learned that lesson the hard way.
If you have no idea what I am talking about that is great news.
Stop reading now!
Click the Back button on your browser and read something else!
(A five second pause as the Back button is clicked…)
Okay, then. 

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