One of the most frustrating moments on the Internet is wondering if a site is not working of if your local internet connection is wonky.  This is especially important if you run a website or write a blog. is the ticket to your online knowing.  Visit the site, type in the domain that isn’t working for you — and “Down for Everyone” will visually tell you if the problem with the site you’re trying to hit is “Just You” or if the site is “Down for Everyone:”

Within seconds, you’ll have your answer:

This morning I was having a hard time hitting LinkedIn. 

I fired up and was relieved to find I was not the only one having trouble with the site:

Be sure to bookmark to add it to your online troubleshooting arsenal of tools that will help make you life in the cloud just a little more cushy and a little less ethereal.


  1. Something technical I can understand. Good resource. Sure I’ll use it everyday if I remember.

  2. I have most problem with the microsoft site for some reason. Can’t get my computer to update. Times out.

  3. I heart that web site. I use it like a chocolate lover uses a milky way bar.

  4. The site does help quell the sweats, Gordon! So many times I’ll get email from people telling me the blogs are down and when I check, I see they’re okay on my end. Then I use the site to verify it’s not just me they’re “up” for… SMILE!

  5. Hi David,
    Thanks for the great resource!
    You are right, LInkedIn was down for the whole day, it’s still somewhat down…great way to figure it out!

  6. Hi Katha!
    Yes, LinkedIn was horribly broken for most of the morning yesterday. What a strange thing to have happen! It makes you wonder about the robustness of their service technology.

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