We Own the Devil Note

We are pleased to announce today that BolesBlues.com now also owns the domain name DevilNote.com.  That means if you type http://DevilNote.com in your web browser, you will be brought right back here!

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Old Cooter and Comcast DNS Hijacking

Yesterday, I was playing around with domain names and stumbled on — Old Cooter Dot Com — as a possibility for a fun new music site.  Now, before we get into the nuts and bolts of that technical experience, let’s be clear that “cooter” is a North American brown shell river turtle with yellow head banding. Mr. Slowsky, anyone?  The first thing I do when I want to see if a domain is taken or not, is type the name into my web browser.  If the site comes up dead, then you take the next step toward registration. Old Cooter was, indeed, dead — but it was given an unwanted, and disturbing, new life by Comcast.

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The Definition of WordPunk

Creating ideas and words can help bring home a brand and emboss meaning in the atmosphere of the internet.  When we started this WordPunk blog on August 11, 2007, we were hosted on TypePad and the word — “WordPunk” — really had no divine meaning or intended purpose.

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Down for Everyone Or Just Me?

One of the most frustrating moments on the Internet is wondering if a site is not working of if your local internet connection is wonky.  This is especially important if you run a website or write a blog.  DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com is the ticket to your online knowing.  Visit the site, type in the domain that isn’t working for you — and “Down for Everyone” will visually tell you if the problem with the site you’re trying to hit is “Just You” or if the site is “Down for Everyone:”

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Avoiding Gmail False Positives

Do you have any idea how to train Gmail to accept mail from a properly filtered and labeled domain?

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Google Apps for Boles University Review

UPDATED: September 7, 2006 — Updates are in BOLD lettering. Google Apps for Your Domain is Google’s first step into offering a full-service suite of free, private-domain-specific, web applications:

Now you can offer private-labeled email, IM and calendar tools to all of your users for free*, so they can share ideas and get things done more effectively. You can design and publish your organization’s website, too. It’s all hosted by Google, so there’s no hardware or software for you to install or maintain. (*Organizations accepted by Google during the Google Apps for Your Domain beta period are eligible for free service for their approved beta users even beyond the end of the beta period, as described in the Terms of Service.) 

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Network Solutions Confesses

I realize the past couple of weeks have heavily dealt with blog entries here about technical issues that concern my web hosting move from LunarPages to Network Solutions.

Forgive me for another entry in that vein, but I need to share an update with you about the slow database interaction between this blog and Network Solution’s implementation of MySQL (pronounced “My S-Q-L” and not “My Sequel” — “Sequel” is the name of an IBM database — so we shouldn’t confuse the two even though hardcore engineers love to slang it up with the “Sequel” mispronunciation; just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean it’s correct.

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