We are pleased to announce today that BolesBlues.com now also owns the domain name DevilNote.com.  That means if you type http://DevilNote.com in your web browser, you will be brought right back here!

To reflect the addition of DevilNote.com to our bubbling queue of domains, we have changed the sub-title of this blog from — “Writing and Singing The Blues!” to “Sounding the Devil Note” — and we hope you will understand and enjoy that change as much as we do.

Here’s an article explaining the Devil Note so you won’t be confused or offended by the history of the phrase in The Blues.

Remember, this site used to be OldCooter.com (a “cooter” is a turtle!) — that domain also now redirects to Boles Blues — and with the addition of DevilNote.com, we are quickly adding to our acquisition of Bluesy minds and hearts and, we thank you for joining us on that journey.


  1. Old cooter reminds me of the CUNY alternative. I’m glad it’s boles blues now — but devil note works, too! 🙂

  2. Thank you, David! 🙂 (…though I would bet more people connect it to one meaning than another… 🙂 )

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