The Inking and Garbage Hunger Games: Teaching Debtor Children an Immoral Lesson

There is nothing more raw in America — land of amber waves of grain — than when someone goes hungry.  When that someone is a child, there is no greater human shame than refusing to feed hungry kids or, even worse, feeding them, and then pulling the food out of their gaping mouths to teach the sin of the parents a lesson.

We’re creating a whole new Debtor Nation in the USA and, as usual, the first victims are the young and the elderly — the very people this nation should be protecting and preserving.

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Winning the Gun Game by Outgunning the Gunners

We have a gun problem in the USA — and our children are paying the price for our metal obsession with their lives and futures.  In the first days of September 2013, the headlines screamed with blood and unnecessary pain.

I don’t even need to argue the bullet points that guns are a menace in the public square.  The news of the day provides simple enough, and predictable enough, facts of what happened.

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Bible Thumpers and the Nincompoop Liberal Elite: John 3:16 vs. the Unexamined Life

In America, we have been brewing a Cultural Holy War since 1969 and I have mindfully tried to stick myself, not in the middle of the argument between Conservatives and Liberals, but between the two diametrically opposing ends to shadow the mean sun.  As a child of the Midwest and a University of Nebraska-Lincoln undergraduate, I comprehend the conservative core.  As a graduate of Columbia University in The City of New York, I understand the liberal mentality.  As I have written many times, this Boles Blog is dedicated to preserving common ground where everyone has a safe opportunity to be heard and that we do our best to honor a “liberal mindset with a conservative morality.”

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The Perfect New Republican

I’ve always felt Obama was an old time, circa 1973, Republican.  He certainly isn’t a liberal Democrat as the recent budget bloodying proved in principle.  On May 1, 2009, I wrote an article — How to Save the GOP — that still rings today with un-acted upon truths:

The GOP is in trouble and today, I will offer my conservative adversaries ten things they must do to regain relevance in the localized world of politics. As a wild liberal, I feel it is my duty as an American citizen to restore the political balance in the USA — Obama is whupping fundamentalist Republican arse — and we need to restore some sort of intelligent, loyal, opposition in order to maintain a society where ideas matter more than ideals.

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Believing in a Cruel God

My email Inbox and my Facebook page have been overflowing with hate ever since the publication of my article — If Republicans Won Their Wants — and the comments stream for that article have to be cleansed daily because people can’t abide our comments policy and disagree without cursing or calling names.

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The Forsaken God and the Dotted Dead

I previously wrote about the — Ground Zero Mosque — and the fact that the mosque in question is, and has been, an active worship center and that it stands three blocks away from where the Twin Towers fell.  The mosque is located in the old Burlington Coat Factory building, and the fact that it is still called “The Ground Zero Mosque,” instead of “The Old Burlington Coat Factory Building Mosque,” is wretched testimony to the disgusting incivility of the conservative media warmongers who prefer to kill their enemies from afar and directly berate those here at home who do not agree with their punishing politics while they celebrate religious bigots like Terry Jones who prefer to burn the Koran instead of saying a prayer.

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You are a Fag!

Over the past four years or so that I have been publishing this Urban Semiotic blog, I am always surprised to see unpublished comments from conservative religious readers who decide their best defense in the name of Jesus Christ is to insult me.

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