We have a gun problem in the USA — and our children are paying the price for our metal obsession with their lives and futures.  In the first days of September 2013, the headlines screamed with blood and unnecessary pain.

I don’t even need to argue the bullet points that guns are a menace in the public square.  The news of the day provides simple enough, and predictable enough, facts of what happened.

September 2, 2013 in NYC:

A 1-year-old Brooklyn boy was killed by a bullet that had his father’s name on it, police sources said.

Antiq Hennis was nestled in his stroller Sunday night, just inches from his parents, when the shot pierced his head just a block from the family’s Riverdale Ave. home, cops and witnesses said.

The child’s father Anthony Hennis — the intended target, according to law enforcement sources and family members — was unharmed but distraught after the bullets started flying at Bristol St. near Livonia Ave. in Brownsville at 7:20 p.m.

September 8, 2013 in Longmont, Colorado:

A young woman was shot dead after jumping out of a closet where she was hiding to surprise a friend.

Premila Lal, 18, was killed when the startled friend, Nerrek Daniel Galley, 21, reportedly shot her in a Longmont, Colorado home.

After the prank went awry , Galley and two of Lal’s male relatives, one of them believed to be her 15-year-old brother, carried the victim to a car and took her to hospital… but she died shortly afterward.

September 10, 2013 in Huber Heights, Ohio:

A 12-year-old girl miraculously survived a bullet to her face and helped police collar the suspected gunman — who had shot the child as she slept inside her Ohio home, police said.

The unidentified girl managed to give police a description of the suspected shooter, 21-year-old Bradley Harmon, after she was wounded inside her Huber Heights home early Saturday, WRGT-TV reported.

Cops said Harmon walked into the Larcomb Drive home and shot the child in the face as she slept before he fled. Another girl was in the room when the shot was fired, but was not hurt.

I now realize we have been playing the wrong game in the American arms race.  Instead of trying to limit guns and access to bullets — We Who Do Not Want Our Children Killed — need to turnaround and play the gun lover’s game and start stocking up on deadly metals.

Yes, liberals and repressed minorities need to join the NRA, and buy as many guns and rifles and machine guns and bullets as we can.  We do it legally.  We purchase entire caches of guns at every firearm show.  We start our own liberal stockpile of killing machines just because we can and because we want to — and we will not be afraid of getting shot or shooting anyone dead.

For our poorer neighbors who cannot afford guns, we will give them money to buy guns and rifles and bullets by the bucketload so we can all kill each other 100 times over and over and over and…

Only then, when our side is just as stacked as the other side in the gun debate, can we begin to have a discussion about gun control because, I guarantee you, once the GOP and other conservative gun lovers realize we are just as wickedly armed as they are — will there be a change of heart.

There will immediately be GOP-sponsored legislation to limit the amount of guns one person can own. We won’t be able to buy guns at firearm shows without recording a verifiable provenance backed up by multiple forms of government photo IDs. Our want to buy as many bullets as we can afford will no longer be allowed. The semi-automatic assault weapon will finally be retroactively banned.

The gun game will change because we will change the game by finally playing the game to win the end. If we can’t out-think them or out-love our gun opponents, then we need to outgun them with our promised potential to return overwhelming fire on a whim.

In our firepower rests the safety of our children.


  1. As much as I hate guns – I have a horrible feeling you are right , it sadly is a case if you cannot beat them join them …….. and that is one way to level the playing field.

    1. I think that’s what the pro-gun side counts on — the goodness in their opposition who would never want to own a gun — and with that goodness comes the bullying and exploitation. The moment we equal their weapons and ammo stashes is the instant they will want to finally negotiate peace and sensibly regulate ownership.

  2. I have been giving this some thought – it does seem to be the case – it is exhibited elsewhere globally with nuclear weapons and chemical weapons.

    1. Yes, I hate that it becomes an arms race, but I’m out of ideas. The pro-gun lobby has no reason to negotiate anything peaceful because they’re too busy “gunning up” — well, when they realize there are more of us than them, and we’re gunning up, too, there will be a new realization about the hopelessness of it all.

  3. Mr. Alexis’ (and many others’) inspiration:

    “Today we have a modern Lucius Septimius Severus named Barack Hussein Obama. We exposed The Magic Mulatto’s pro-homo agenda in June 2009. This month, we will summarize the Barack Hussein Obama – the Magic Mulatto’s tragic record as the ‘selected’ president of the united states of amerikkka.”

    ‘…to kill more whites than our Christian hearts can count’

    The statements above are from Ayo Kimath (employee on paid leave from Homeland Security).

    Ayo Kimath, a Department of Homeland Security employee advocates mass murder on his website: War on the Horizon.

    The United States government pays Ayo Kimath’s salary.

    Who is Ayo Kimath’s next warrior?

    Who are those, living today, who will be dead tomorrow as a result of those inspired by the United States’ employee, Ayo Kimath’s call to arms?

    above was sent to whitehouse dot gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments

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