Enter the Share a Close Shave Contest!

It’s time for another Urban Semiotic Contest!
Our Gordon Davidescu was lucky enough to get his hands on the coveted Gillette Fusion Power Razor as he told us yesterday:

At my supermarket they have a promotional item of the week. If they don’t mention it to you at the checkout counter and you point out that fact they have to give it to you for free. This week the promotional item was the Gillette Fusion Power. Since they didn’t mention it to me I got one for free. Since I can’t use it I’d like you to have it. At the very least you get an extra blade and coupon for $2 off the blades. How fun!

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A Child's Photo Contest

by Steve Gaines

there’s nothing quite like the camera’s eye to stop the world
to capture the sense of things
discover the beauty of motion
that will not stand still for the human eye
that one magic moment of our human continuum
existing infinitely in the instant

illusive and otherwise invisible expressions of life:

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