Between Virtue and Mortality: Of This Shadow We Have Known

With age comes experiential wisdom and, we hope, a certain jading when it comes to living a right life. Where once we surprised, now we are prepared; where once we were astonished, now we are bemused.

“It goes on…” is likely the best takeaway motto the elders among us have vested in the current lifetime. Life is circular and repetitive and expectation grows dark and deep as uncertainty continually erupts to corrupt the circle.

We yearn to be virtuous against our impending and inevitable ending, and in that shadow between first bursting and the final shovel is the test of our lives.  Have we behaved ethically? Were we in this world just for ourselves? Did we, in some way, serve the others among us without an expectation of a return on our investment?

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Death of a Cowardly Lion

Ted Kennedy is dead, and in the aftermath of his life, one thing still rubs dark his image as the lion of the Senate and continues to forever stain his legacy with blood:  His cowardly tether to Mary Jo Kopechne.

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The Piracy Speaks

My article yesterday on content theft has sparked some keen conversation here and in my email stream.  One reader — “Robert William King” … I put his name in quotes because he refused to sign in using OpenID to leave a comment confirming his identification — sent me an email that appears to defend the behavior of the pirates stealing my content and I share his thoughts with you now…

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RelationShaping ->( Registration with OpenID to Verify Users

RelationShaping ->( requires all commenters be registeredYou know us, and we want to know you, too:  No anonymous cowards allowed!  We use the OpenID service.  Please visit our new Registration Page for instructions on how to sign up and login.

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Urban Semiotic Uses OpenID for Comment Registration

As the internets condense, the volume and the viciousness of anonymous commenters has exploded.  Two years ago, most big blogs allowed anonymous commenting.  Today, those same blogs now require commenters to be registered in order to protect the integrity of the conversation. 

Urban Semiotic requires all commenters be registered in order to join the discussion, and we use OpenID to meet that end.  We have a new Registration Page that explains, in detail, how to use OpenID to sign in to this blog to comment.

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Why Do You Hide Your Identity?

Do you use a fake name online?

Do you think by using a fake name you are protecting your privacy and hiding who you really are to the world?

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Why I am Not Yellow

I have no interest in wearing one of those yellow “LiveStrong” wristbands that everyone seems to have on today. I support the idea behind the band but what is the point of wearing the wristband? Is it to publicly prove you’re caring and with the “in-crowd” or is there a deeper meaning to it? If there’s magic in the band itself why not just put it in your pocket?

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