As the internets condense, the volume and the viciousness of anonymous commenters has exploded.  Two years ago, most big blogs allowed anonymous commenting.  Today, those same blogs now require commenters to be registered in order to protect the integrity of the conversation. 

Urban Semiotic requires all commenters be registered in order to join the discussion, and we use OpenID to meet that end.  We have a new Registration Page that explains, in detail, how to use OpenID to sign in to this blog to comment.

We used to allow direct registration with this blog, but a database issue forced us to use OpenID  instead — so if you were once using the “Movable Type” option to login here to comment, we now need you to use an OpenID source. 

The great thing about OpenID is you — probably already have an account — without knowing it!  We look forward to continuing our thoughtful dialogue with you, and if you have any questions, please use the Registration Page to get in touch.


  1. Hi David!
    OpenID is a great service. i expect it will liven up our conversations ever more!

  2. OpenID sure helps a lot, Dananjay. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a good start. As I said on my WordPunk blog this morning, “The bad old days of anonymous Wild West commenting is dead.” Long live the dead! SMILE!

  3. Hi Katha! Yes, many of us already have many OpenID accounts and we can choose which one to use where and when.
    We’ll use the “Movable Type” login for staff only from now on…

  4. Get used to it, Anne, it’s the way of the world now. I think it’s a good thing to know who people are on the internet. We can have lots of people commenting if they use OpenID. If they don’t want us to know who they are, then they won’t be posting. It’s decision that may make more sense as we drift into a tremulous future.

  5. Doesn’t seem to affect me too much. Reminds me of the new yorker comic: on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. Somewhat still true but not as much!

  6. We’re all dogs, Gordon! Let’s unwrap that surprise right now! SMILE! Seriously… if you own your behavior and you stand by your words — it isn’t a big deal at all logging in and connecting an OpenID to who you really are in real life.

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