Six Months of Pay to Play: Twitter Stratification and the Verified and the Nots

Today is the wretched April Fool’s Day, but what I’m about to share with you is not a joke — but it may contain the actions of a fool.  For the last six months or so, I’ve been actively seeding and re-feeding our social media presence across all our platforms paying — yes, PAYING — particular attention to the blue bird of San Francisco to try to figure out just what’s happening in the wide world of Tweets when it comes to propagating memes and promoting new ideas.

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Now We Really Know Who You Are

Blackboard teamed up with Acxiom Identify-X to verify students in an online course:

Acxiom Identify-X
periodically and randomly presents challenge questions to students
before launching a course assessment. Questions are based only on
public information and institutions choose the courses and assessments
where identity verification is required. This fully hosted, Web-based
solution prompts a student to enter only their name and address.
Institutions set randomization and pass/fail thresholds, and
instructors receive notifications when student identity cannot be

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RelationShaping ->( Registration with OpenID to Verify Users

RelationShaping ->( requires all commenters be registeredYou know us, and we want to know you, too:  No anonymous cowards allowed!  We use the OpenID service.  Please visit our new Registration Page for instructions on how to sign up and login.

We no longer allow direct registration with this blog to comment, so if you previously used the “Movable Type” option to login, we need you now to use OpenID.  One neat thing about OpenID is that you likely already have an account!  If you have questions about getting signed up, use our Registration Page to find us.

Urban Semiotic Uses OpenID for Comment Registration

As the internets condense, the volume and the viciousness of anonymous commenters has exploded.  Two years ago, most big blogs allowed anonymous commenting.  Today, those same blogs now require commenters to be registered in order to protect the integrity of the conversation. 

Urban Semiotic requires all commenters be registered in order to join the discussion, and we use OpenID to meet that end.  We have a new Registration Page that explains, in detail, how to use OpenID to sign in to this blog to comment.

We used to allow direct registration with this blog, but a database issue forced us to use OpenID  instead — so if you were once using the “Movable Type” option to login here to comment, we now need you to use an OpenID source. 

The great thing about OpenID is you — probably already have an account — without knowing it!  We look forward to continuing our thoughtful dialogue with you, and if you have any questions, please use the Registration Page to get in touch.