We Know Who You Are

There really isn’t any hiding on the internets anymore.  There never was any ability to hide, really, but many people tried anyway to hide behind fake names, forged email accounts and IP-spoofing surf sites.  Why would someone try to hard to so fruitlessly hide their identity?  The simple answer is:  They’re up to no good.  The more complex question is:  Why Are You Hiding When We Already Know Who You Are?

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Nebraska Cancels William Ayers

In a strange move that I unfortunately recognize, but will never condone, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln played a coward’s hand by going back on their word and canceling a speech by William Ayers.

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WordPunk Works with OpenID to Confirm Identity

Commenting on blogs is no longer open season for spewing anonymous bile and hatred.  The bad old days of anonymous Wild West commenting is dead. 

WordPunk requires all commenters be registered and we use OpenID to verify your identity.  We just published a Registration Page that teaches you how to set up and use OpenID so you can comment.

If you were using the “Movable Type” option to login here to comment, we now need you to use OpenID instead. 

The cool thing about OpenID is you may already have an account, but you don’t realize it yet.  If you need help, please use the Registration Page to contact us.

No Cowards Allowed: A Demand for a Third Party

America is broken. The Republicans and Democrats have failed us. We, the cogent, The Independent Few, demand a better choice, a more thorough thinking — we require another choice — we demand a Third Party! Ross Perot, Michael Bloomberg and Ralph Nader need not apply.

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