America is broken. The Republicans and Democrats have failed us. We, the cogent, The Independent Few, demand a better choice, a more thorough thinking — we require another choice — we demand a Third Party! Ross Perot, Michael Bloomberg and Ralph Nader need not apply.

Democrat Virgina Senator Jim Webb promised us — after he was elected — that the Democrats would take Bush by the hand and “Show Him The Way” home in the blood of our sons and in the courage of our daughters. The Democrats begged us to vote for them — to stand up to Bush and forced him to stand down in the Middle East — and the Do-Nothing-Crats have done nothing but cave in to un-presidential childish threats and political polygluttony.

Bush now has his $100 billion to fund the continuation of killing under the guise of bringing democracy to Iraq. The Democrats have only ashes and blood on their hands and they can no longer blame Bush for Iraq. The Democrats are now guilty co-conspirators with the Bush Administration because they did not stand up for the right thing and they allowed the Republicans to simper and whine to get their way again. The Democrats should have Forced the Veto. Make Bush play your game. Stand up for something beyond trying to win in 2008! Force the Republicans’ hands:

Make them Stand On-The-Record with Bush as You Push a Veto Override!

As it turns out — the Democrats are, and were, nothing but political blowhards, trifling cowards, and inhuman incompetents — they did not deserve our faith and they did not earn our vote. The Democrats are playing for time — by hedging bets against a presidential win in 2008 — with Bush and his parade war while the rest of the cogent nation suffers the loss of even more precious human treasure.

We need another way.

We need the guts of a Third Party. We need to break the cycle of sickness and corruption a Two Party system foments. We need fresh blood to cool the pools of boiling bodies created in the valleys from the piling mountains of the disillusioned and dying in Iraq who are all stuck together as foreigners in a land they no longer recognize and will never adopt as their own.


  1. Hi David,
    I agree the Democrats have let us down.
    I think a lot of the hemming and humming and shrugging is due to infighting among the various factions. This is also true in the Republican Party. Meanwhile, billions are thrown after a bad decision.
    We do need a Third Party, but unfortunately, there is too much power and wealth invested in the two-party system to make a Third Party a serious contender.

  2. Donna —
    I keep hearing rumors of a self-financed Michael Bloomberg run with Chuck Hagel in the VP slot. That splitting of interests, however, will only lead to a Republican presidential victory. The only chance the Dems have to win is to keep the Iraq war alive and to prevent any third party contenders from even entering the fray.

  3. I don’t know what the democrats could do they lose no matter what. They didn’t have the votes to do anything.

  4. They have the power to stand up for the right thing even if they are defeated. The second the Republicans point a finger at them and call them unpatriotic and that they don’t support the troops, the democrats cave. It’s predictable. The democrats never make the argument that bringing the troops home is the best way to protect them.

  5. Sometimes the best way to fight is to go along with the inevitable until your chances are better later.

  6. Yes, they did, but they didn’t follow through arin, and keep fighting. You cannot threaten and bluster and cave in every time. Sometimes you need to stand up and take the moral high ground even if your knees are cut out from under you.

  7. I don’t think a third party will work like Donna says so I guess we’ll have to keep thinking the democrats will get it right.

  8. I think we need less predictability in the process, arin. We need thinks shaken up and stirred beyond two simple-minded and opposite choices.

  9. Hi David,
    I don’t think the Democrats will ever get it right until they stop all the infighting and present a united front on the Iraq war. I, too, am sick of all the talk and political posturing and no action. They keep saying “we want to send a message to the Bush administration,” but the only message they are sending is that they are too chicken to take a firm stand on the war.
    I agree that even if Bush threatens a veto, they must vote for what is the right thing to do.

  10. Donna —
    The problem with being a democrat is that the entire party is founded on bringing in the disenfranchised, the unique and the good together — while the opposite party is about staying in line, remaining on the same page and voting in redistricted blocks — and so democrats, at their core, are arguers, unique-minded and wide-ranging and that isn’t a political remedy for solidarity of purpose.
    It’s hard to bring together the democrats under a single mindset with a solitary goal and as long as they’re fighting each other, the Republicans have nothing to worry about.

  11. How does the democratic system work in India, Katha? Are there many political parties or only just a few? Is power separated between the executive, judicial and legislative branches?

  12. Hi David,
    The whole scenario is very complicated but I will try my best to explain it.
    Indian political parties are divided in to two categories, national and state. If I am not mistaken there are 7/8 major national political parties and several small state regional parties in India.
    The government of India mostly follows a British model and exercises its broad administrative powers in the name of the president, whose duties are largely ceremonial. The real national executive power is centered in the Council of Ministers (cabinet), led by the prime minister.
    India’s judicial system is independent and also follows a British model – the supreme court being in the top.

  13. Thanks for the Indian civics lesson, Katha!
    Are more good things done for the ordinary people in India or the USA when it comes to politics?

  14. In the UK Conservative and Labor are the two main parties. The Liberals are the third, they get a few votes but never enough to oust either of the others. Green party makes a go.
    Then there is Screaming Lord Such, who puts in a nomination everytime for the Prime Minister position under the Raving Monster Loony Party. he gets few votes too, but mainly it is between the two main parties.

  15. Hi Michael!
    Are you satisfied with the two party power system in the UK? Does it even out between people and business? Or does big money muscle its way into favor as in the USA?

  16. India is extremely corrupt and as the government consists of several different political parties – it is always busy satisfying each other’s agenda to keep the structure intact.
    Ordinary people just suffer like a puppet.

  17. The only way to protest is to vote for a “third party” and make them a majority to form a clean government; there is no such thing in the vicinity.

  18. Hi David,
    I usually do…
    It’s not about the topic not being clear – it’s the topic itself! If I don’t know about something I won’t know what to ask either!

  19. Hi Katha,
    Jump in. You are a very intelligent person that can understand issues that evade most people. 😀

  20. Katha!
    Do what the rest of us do when we don’t know something: MAKE IT UP! 😆
    Remember, “Man’s Inhumanity to Man” is the killer catch-all introduction for any comment you might like to post. :mrgreen:

  21. White lies beneath…!!!
    The only thing is someone knows the real truth in some corner of the world – and laughs…he/she/it might not disclose it though!!!
    Finally, I will!!!
    Thanks again!!!

  22. Hi David,
    I bet sometime in the future there will be a major split that pulls people from each of the major parties to form a new party that will supplant one of the older parties.
    The problem with the Republican and Democrat parties is that they are like the wolf and the sheep dog of the old cartoon who spend all day fighting, then while checking out at the time clock at the end of the work day show their friendship for each other. They need to fight enough to keep the funds rolling in for what ever current crisis is “threatening” their various constituents. But, when it comes down to really doing anything, both sides usually end up being all talk and no action.
    Some of the gridlock and inertia is tied to our system of checks and balances. We probably wouldn’t want radical changes every couple of years because that would be too much for people to take as they made their plans for work and for their personal lives. But, some of the gridlock is created deliberately — if you fix a problem, then the reason for an agency and mega funding dries up.
    If you look at every major “War” on anything that the government starts, you’ll notice that nothing is ever resolved. The War on Poverty or Drugs or whatever else will never be won because winning would threaten the livelihood of those engaged in the bureaucracies as well as those with the contracts to provide goods and services to the agencies.
    Both major parties have been “captured” in the political science sense of the term by the people who make big money from the parties who are also the donors who ensure that friendly people have enough money to win reelection.
    Of course, we’ll never have a real third party until people from both parties leave in enough numbers to result in incumbent losses.

  23. Chris!
    Outstanding insight, thanks!
    I agree we have a “One Party” rule consisting of “Big Money.”
    There is also a sickeningly close relationship between the media and politicians. The media’s job as watchdog has been supplanted by the idea of lapdogism.
    My fear is it will take a reconstruction of the entire country to give us legitimate choices beyond the radical two we now face. There will be a lot of suffering in the interim and that concerns me.

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