FTC Kills the Shills

The gig is up!  The freeloading is over!  The shills have been shot down as the Federal Trade Commission demands bloggers must reveal if they are paid for a review or if they are provided free products in exchange for a review.

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Sniffing Out Sweetheart Site Hosting Deals

Today, I want to warn you about Sweetheart Website hosting deals that you may not know about, or fully understand.  Those backroom deals may unwittingly influence your buying decisions.

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Deal Memos and Contracts

I like Deal Memos because they’re just as binding as a real contract and they can save a lot of time and heartache.

If time is of the essence — and the tar pit of approvals is bearing down on you and a project that needs to completed fast — use a Deal Memo to trick out the most important details that both parties have agreed to, and you can make it binding via email and with replies of agreement.

Deal Memos can codify and express and protect both sides until a formal paper contract can be drawn — and quartered! — for official signatures and all the unnecessary and punishing boilerplate.

A Deal is a Deal is Dead

I was raised to believe “a deal is a deal” and that means once you agree on something with someone — written contract or not — that part of the deal is done and settled and to go back later and try to renegotiate is tantamount to going back on your word.

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