Toss Aways

There have always always been disposable people in a limited-use society, but it’s worse now. We, as a nation of lonesome people found alone in a decaying world, have become much more than merely disposable. We have become the toss aways. We have lost our value. We have forfeited the way forward. We find ourselves teetering on the precipice between the living, and the dismayed, and the balance of the affair solely belongs to us — the us of us.

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Is a FedEx Waybill a Handshake or a Promise?

On January 14, 1998 I wrote a seminal article for GO INSIDE Magazine called — The Decline & Fall of FedEx — and in the 12 years since its original publication, that FedEx piece has generated more positive email than anything else I’ve ever written.  Having one article watched so much by so may people is both pleasing and numbing.

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Decline of the American Woman

Is the American woman an endangered species?  Is she losing the good fight for equality in the workplace, on television and in our political hearts?

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To You Our Weekend Reader

Hello Urban Semiotic Weekend Reader! We are thrilled to have you with us as we try to discover your wants and needs beyond the workweek. We have some questions for you and we’d really appreciate it if you took a moment to give us some feedback in the form of a comment on this post.

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