Rise of the Divine White

The Covid Pandemic released a vicious wave of cordoned hatred that has been brewing in America since the Civil War: The Divine White. That invented birthright has been vigorously defended, and consumed with contempt for the foreign, and hatred for the unsimilar, and that bile has bubbled beneath the veneer of civility, decorum, and democracy — always dangerous, but evidently nascent in daily public purgings — that is until, 150 years later, when an American president came to glory on the heels, and the cruel deficits of, a rabid, and deadly, gang of sycophants who placed personality, and ego, above the law, and beneath contempt.

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Three Wednesdays in January

In 2021, on three consecutive Wednesdays in January, in a trium of blood-bound events, we survived a catastrophe, we served a correction, and we held a celebration. Democracy is, at times, a gory and brutal mess — an angry boil in need of lancing — and sometimes in need of a realignment of values based on the witnessing of a live horror, in real time, as we are confronted by the monsters some of us have become in the lighted dark of day.

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Felons, Fascists, Freeloaders and Fools: Not My Utopia!

Utopia is a new, $50 million, reality television series from Fox that is supposed to run for a year — but I don’t think the show will make it to the end of October because of horrible casting decisions and even more miserable ratings.  The producers get some things right and most everything else wrong.

The technical aspects of the show, the live feed, the landscape, and the idea, are all right — but the casting is completely and horrifyingly wrong — as is the creepy-pervy peeping-tom-ish host who ruins the television show with his “stalkeristic” vibe and prissy mustache and bizarro hat and glasses.

As well, when you choose a convicted felon to be the center of your show from the git-go, and he’s also the initial online presence for your show and live feeds portal, something terrible and awful has gone wrong on a deep DNA level that cannot be cured by God, a false baptism, or human infusion.

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The Most Intelligent Alternative: In Defense of the Public Good

[Publisher’s Note: Boles Blogs author Howard Stein died on October 14, 2012 at 90 years of age.  In an ongoing effort to preserve his legacy and memory, David Boles is sharing articles and preserving other works from his private Prairie Voice archive. The following article was likely written by Dr. Stein in the early 1980’s — and his point still rings true, and still bites us with a bitter hardness of the flat truth — three decades later.]

Public education in the minds of the parents, schoolboards, teachers, and local politicians seems to have as its purpose either the preparing of the young for higher education (preferably private education), or the preparing of the young for a variety of jobs and trades.

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The End of Democracy

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann used to be the voice of liberal justice.  Now, because MSNBC’s parent company, GE, doesn’t like Olbermann picking fights with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly — because Bill harps on GE’s Iran’s investments — the truth is silenced by corporate interests as news dies on the vine and Democracy dies a slow death.

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A Bush in the Head is Worse than Two in the Grave

Just when we think we’ve buried both atrocious Bush presidencies forever, the old man rises up from the grave to proclaim the ascent of the second son as the rightful heir to a doomed legacy. Bush 41 — not yet embarrassed enough by the deadly antics of Bush 43 — wants a Bush 45:  Jeb Bush.

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Spreading Democracy

by Luis Vega

The free market economy and capitalist ideologies have always been beneficial to many democratic nations worldwide, and ultimately Americans. But what happens when fifteen percent of your hard earned money is dedicated to U.S. healthcare and could possibly exceed thirty percent by the middle of the century. (Foreign Policy, p. 74) Now imagine you are a hard working lower-middle class American and you make 30,000 a year. After taxes and anticipated healthcare costs you bring home about 40% of your paycheck at the end of the year. It is barely enough to make a living on your own, don’t even think of having a family. Just thinking of yourself as this person it is hard to argue that everyone deserves adequate healthcare. I mean that is the least our government could do for us, we pay enough taxes. It is difficult to determine what will happen in America in the next four years with President Bush’s re-election. One thing is for certain; the cost of healthcare will continue to rise.

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