The Covid Pandemic released a vicious wave of cordoned hatred that has been brewing in America since the Civil War: The Divine White. That invented birthright has been vigorously defended, and consumed with contempt for the foreign, and hatred for the unsimilar, and that bile has bubbled beneath the veneer of civility, decorum, and democracy — always dangerous, but evidently nascent in daily public purgings — that is until, 150 years later, when an American president came to glory on the heels, and the cruel deficits of, a rabid, and deadly, gang of sycophants who placed personality, and ego, above the law, and beneath contempt.

This idea of a “Divine White Right” is disturbing to many Americans because the entire movement is based in melatonin politics, and bad blind faith religion, and then marinated in a grotesque sense of immoral national entitlement, and flung into perpetuation as sitting government policy. There’s no separation between the cross and the cudgel here, power and the law of Christ are all that matters. America doesn’t belong to everyone, they argue, because America only belongs to the Christian Right.

The White Right cling to their Bibles while pointing at Antifa and Black Lives Matter as the real threats to morality and nationalism in America, but we know that just isn’t the case because one side is fighting against authoritarianism, and division by culture, while the other side wants a forced return to an idealistic America that never was — and unfortunately, the only palpable resolution of that conflict will begin at the ballot box, and end in the bloody streets. The Divine Right need to realize that the Obtuse Left, and the Quiet Middle, also have guns, and fantastical causes just as strong as what they hold to aim, and those who seek to return America back to the beginning of more troubled times will not have an easy way to rise above the fray.

Beyond the classical tragedy that plays out every day as America struggles with her unending history of cruelty and greed, we are now left to ponder those of us who use all the arguments of the past today to inflict as much damage on the rest of us tomorrow by refusing to care for the public welfare — the public health of us — and get a Covid vaccination.

For those who claim to follow Trump, but who also refuse the vaccine, their reasoning for denying the shot is unclear. Trump became infected with Covid, survived, and then got vaccinated in January. If you believe Trump is everything, then why don’t you also accept Trump is responsible for helping push for the creation of a vaccine to fight a virus that befell him — because he did — so to refuse the vaccine today is to further deny the accomplishments of the president you claim has been robbed of a second term.

If you do not believe in Trump, but you firmly believe in a Christian God, then why are you not duty-bound to morally get the Covid vaccine? The vaccine is a gift from God. There was a Covid plague set upon us — that is still killing too many of us — and God gave our scientists the ability to invent a vaccine that would save us from the plague. It is anti-God to refuse to take a vaccine that was sent to us by Him. The Blood of Jesus is a wonderful idea of protectionism from harm, but in this case, the blood of Jesus is bathed in recombinant DNA.

Some argue there is great irony in the fact that Trump’s most ardent supporters tend to refuse his greatest success — the vaccine — and so they then get infected, and die, thus killing them for disloyalty to Trump as well as the for their refusal to accept a Godly blessing on earth; while others still believe the culling of anti-medicine, fanatical, followers may be the real miracle not found in a syringe, as the population slowly becomes kinder and more scientific.