The TheraBrite Review

In my TheraBreath review, I shared my experience using that dynamic product to help heal murky breath caused by lots of dental work.  I’ve been using the TheraBreath products for almost a year now and I am incredibly pleased with the customer service and quick shipping and, of course, the everyday effectiveness in my mouth with my new crowns.  In my most recent order, I decided to try the new “TheraBrite Plus” tooth whitening system.  You get all the goodness of the regular TheraBrite line with the addition of whitening your teeth.

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Smile Like a Celebrity: The Waterpik Ultra Flosser Review

When I was a youngster, I wore braces, and part of my daily tooth cleansing routine was using a rudimentary Waterpik that attached directly to our bathroom faucet.  The cleaning was delightful, but awfully messy.  Today, as aging teeth become crowned, the WaterPik Ultra Flosser has made its way into my life as the newest part of my daily dental care routine.

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Ten Eighty-Nine

Open wide.
Bite hard.
Baby Killing.

A Mouthful of Alzheimer’s

Can avoiding Alzheimer’s disease be as simple as brushing your teeth and flossing every day?

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Autohypnosis for Bruxism

by Kay F. Thompson, DDS

In today’s world there is an increase in all kinds and sources of stress. Individuals deal with stress in the ways they have been taught: “Keep a stiff upper lip”, “Hold on tight”, “Grin and bear it”, “Get a grip!” and “Bite the bullet”. All of these clichés admonish the individuals to maintain tension and tight control to get through the stressful situation. Frequently this control is maintained by gritting their teeth or clenching their jaws, both of which, if prolonged, can result in an extremely painful response.

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