When I was a youngster, I wore braces, and part of my daily tooth cleansing routine was using a rudimentary Waterpik that attached directly to our bathroom faucet.  The cleaning was delightful, but awfully messy.  Today, as aging teeth become crowned, the WaterPik Ultra Flosser has made its way into my life as the newest part of my daily dental care routine.

The greatness in the Waterpik Ultra Flosser is in the tremendous 90 PSI is can pound into your mouth at 1,200 pulses a minute.  Add a little mouthwash to the water reservoir, and you have a truly active dental care cleaning appliance.

I love the variety of tips included with the Ultra Flosser that you can use with the Waterpik.

My favorite action tip is the new “Plaque Seeker” that focuses on cleaning in and around implants, crowns and bridges.  It feels so good in its watery duty as all that bad gunk gets loosened from your mouth and washed down the drain.

Using a Waterpik is 93% more effective than using regular floss.  Since my teeth are so tight and sharp, floss tends to get cut and shredded.  Even the terrific Glide floss is not immune to ending up in stringy pieces between my teeth and around my fingers.

Using a Waterpik helps keep my flossing fears at bay because I know, in the ultimate end, the Ultra Flosser will not let me down and it will not shred or tear during its daily duty — and that makes both tooth and gum much healthier and happier in service.


  1. That looks fantastic, David. I’m probably going to get one because each of those tips are important. Can you replace an electric toothbrush with just using the toothbrush tip?

    1. It is pretty fantastic, Gordon, and the whole thing can be had for under $50.00USD. It’s a bargain for the benefit it provides.

      You’re right that each tip does a specific job. I like the tongue-scraper a lot and the Pik Pocket, too.

      Yes, you can use the toothbrush tip as your toothbrush. I use a Sonicare toothbrush, so I like that high tech, sonic cleaning, that is hard to beat with any other brush.

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