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The Actress Dead Zone

If you’re an actress, you already know you face a discriminatory dead zone between the ages of 30-60 years old in the movies and on television.  Some actresses, who truly care about their craft, turn to the live stage to help fill that 30-year career void.

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The Whiteness of Technology

We are a nation of masks — we repress our true feelings and protect our basic being. On the surface, we claim we are all equal and that skin color doesn’t matter and that technology is agnostic, non-atavistic, non-discriminatory and non-evangelistic. Today, we have been forced to know better by peeking out from behind our masks to divine the reality before us.

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The Definition of Reverse Racism

We all know, and can generally identify, what “Racism” is and what it means and how it hurts all of us — but what is that thing some people call “Reverse Racism?”

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The Unbearable Lightness of Sammy

Baseball player and steroid user Sammy Sosa appears to now be hiding from his crimes against the game by changing his Race.  The dark-skinned Sosa is now the bright white Sammy.  Say it ain’t so, Sammy, say it ain’t so:

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Convenience Over Conscience: Obama is Over the Gays

Barack Obama’s courting of the Gay Community is over. He won. They Gays are out.  The hateful Rick Warren is in.

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Obama Waffles Culture Wars

The only way to beat Barack Obama in the presidential election is to get personal and dirty and raise the matter of his skin color as a voting issue. Obama Waffles meets that gutter mandate of personal persecution for political gain — and you can see how Obama is no longer the cartoon monkey Curious George to conservative politicos — he’s now been re-drawn as the new cartoon relative of Black stereotype pancake queen: Aunt Jemima.

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Random Thoughts on Wealth, Power and Wisdom

What is the nature of wealth, power and wisdom?  I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you.

Why do so many people fear the truth?

People are frightened of honesty because truths are revealed. The danger in truth is that it wounds with indisputable facts. If you’re unprepared in life to deal with the reality surrounding you — it’s better to not know and to never ask.

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